Gold Plated Jewelry

Quality matters at Messages in Metal and our gold plated jewelry has been specifically designed to give you the beautiful look and luxury of gold at a much more affordable cost.

Our Gold Plated Personalized Jewelry

Our gold name plate necklaces and gold stamped jewelry has a base of .925 sterling silver and then a thin layer of 24K gold has been electroplated over the top. We use only 24K gold plating which is the best of the best and we do all of our gold plating in house to ensure the highest quality results.

Benefits of Gold Plated

  • Resistance to tarnish. Gold plated jewelry doesn’t tarnish and is hypoallergenic. Because sterling silver will oxidize and tarnish over time if not properly cared for, with gold plated jewelry, you eliminate the potential for tarnishing.
  • Endless options. All of our name plate necklace or custom personalized jewelry at Messages in Metal can be gold plated! Choose a cursive name necklace, a personalized bar necklace or any of our name jewelry and we can customize it for you in gold plating. Because we do the gold plating in house it gives us the ability to create personal custom jewelry that is exactly what you want.
  • High quality and affordable. The beauty of gold plated jewelry is that you can have the look of solid gold at a small fraction of the cost. With a base of .925 sterling silver and a durable 24K gold plating, your personalized necklace allows you all the benefits of gold without breaking the bank.

Caring for Gold Plated Jewelry

Here are some do’s and don’ts about caring for your gold plated jewelry.

DO apply lotions, perfumes, etc. first and let them dry before putting on your necklace. Some chemicals in lotions and perfumes have a negative reaction with gold plating and can cause discoloration to the plating.

DO clean your gold plated jewelry. Clean your 24k gold plated jewelry with a soft lint free cloth or even a cotton ball once a week or every other week. This not only removes any oil and dirt build up but also restores the jewelry to a brilliant shine.

DO NOT use harsh chemicals to clean your gold plated jewelry. This can cause discoloration of the gold plating and damage the integrity of the metal. A solution of soap and water and then drying with a lint free cloth can help to keep your gold plated jewelry looking it’s best.

DO NOT store your gold plated jewelry where it is rubbing against other jewelry. Consistent rubbing against other jewelry can damage the plating on your gold plated jewelry with scratches. Store your gold personalized name necklace in a soft jewelry bag or container by itself to prevent accidental scratching on the surface of the jewelry.