Couple Necklaces

Two peas in a pod, the Romeo to your Juliet, together forever. Our couple necklaces with names celebrate the unique bond between two people and come in styles like a name necklace for men or perhaps a personalized couple name necklaces for her. One couple, two names, your personal Message in Metal.

Two Of A Kind

What better way to recognize and honor a special relationship than with specially designed couple necklaces with names! We take two names and join them together into one beautiful and unique design. Engraved names, stamped names or even a custom name necklace that shares both of your names creates a wearable declaration of love and devotion.

And it doesn’t stop there! Choose an infinity name necklace that has your name on one end and their name on the other, endlessly joined together on one pendant. Round .925 sterling silver personalized jewelry that sports both of your names and maybe your birthstone. The combinations and options have no end and your couple name necklace can be as one of a kind as you are!

At Messages in Metal, we pride ourselves on our Montana brand and that all of our products are 100% made in Montana and in the USA. We encourage our customers to call with questions about our personalized jewelry, personalized couple name necklaces they want to order or even call and ask us questions about us and what we do. Because at the end of the day, your satisfaction, the smile on your face when you receive your order, the pride and joy you feel when you wear a custom created Message in Metal - that’s our why!