For Children

Jewelry is not just for adults but for our children as well and we have designed a special selection of Personalized Baby & Kids Jewelry just for the littles in our life. Name necklace jewelry, mothers necklace with children's names and more can be personalized to reflect their name, their passion and their personality!

Big Style for Our Little Ones

We created our personalized baby name necklaces to not only be fun and whimsical but also personal to what our children love. Name bar necklaces can be engraved with their name and then personalized with birthstones or symbols that they connect with. Kids name necklaces with a hashtag and a word to describe them such as #brave or #strong are great gift ideas for children and come in finishes such as antique silver or 24k gold plated.

And we didn’t stop there! Jewelry with quotes on it is a terrific option for older children, dog tag name pendants can be engraved with a child’s name and number in sports. An infinity name necklace can be created to have a child’s name as well as a pet’s name, a parent’s name or even a best friend’s name as well. Our children are unique and one of a kind and their personalized baby & kids jewelry should mirror those same qualities!

Want to create something custom for a special occasion like a graduation? Have an idea and not sure if we can make it? Want to know more about what your options are? No problem! Simply give us a call, send us an email and let us help you create personalized baby name necklaces that embody the awesome in your child!