Dog Tags

The dog tag style of name necklace jewelry is one that appeals to both men and women. A simple style of dog tag necklace that is completely customized according to your message. From quotes to names to symbols and more, dog tag stamped jewelry expresses life and love your way.

Tag - You're It!

Our dog tag name bar necklaces and personalized gold necklaces in the dog tag style are cutting edge and completely customizable. Because of the dog tag style, we can do jewelry with quotes on it, personalized necklaces for mom and dog tag mens personalized necklaces. Choose a word with a hashtag that has special meaning to you, the names of your children or even have engraved with a sports symbol such as a football and your player’s number.

And we take the options one step further. In addition to the hundreds of different things we can engrave on your dog tag personalized jewelry, let’s talk about the finish. All of our custom name necklaces are .925 sterling silver. We also have 24k gold plated over sterling silver gold name plate necklaces and antique finished over sterling silver personalized jewelry. This allows for an endless array of different ways in which you can create signature dog tag name jewelry that is 100% unique to you.

We also realize that it’s not always a straightforward process. Maybe you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe the personalized necklace needs some tweaking to get it just right. Not a problem! We are available to our customers and hope you’ll call, email, reach out with all of your questions, concerns and feedback!