Guide & Tips

You’ve put a lot of time and care into choosing your personalized jewelry from Messages in Metal and we want to give you all the tips, tricks and hints possible for caring and maintaining the gorgeousness of the necklace. We want you to know what to expect when you open your package, what your options are and how to keep your name necklace looking fabulous!

  • Care Information

    You’ll find all you need to know about how best to care for your Messages in Metal jewelry. From cleaning to polishing to when and when not to wear it, you’ll find your answers here.

  • Swarovski Gemstones

    Learn more about Swarovski gemstones and their unique and beautiful qualities. Find information on how to care for your Swarovski decorated jewelry and how to keep it looking it’s best.

  • .925 Sterling Silver

    We use .925 sterling silver metal in all of our Messages in Metal jewelry. Here you’ll find information not only .925 sterling silver but also the thickness we use and how best to care for your sterling silver jewelry.

  • Gold Plated Jewelry

    Find out what gold plating is and what the benefits to gold plated jewelry are. We’ve got some do’s and don’ts on caring for your gold plated jewelry and how you can best maintain the beauty of the gold plated finish.

  • What’s in the box

    Want to know what to expect when your Messages in Metal package arrives? Of course you do! Check here to find out exactly what your purchase includes and what you can expect to find inside your Messages in Metal package.

  • Chain options and Lengths

    You should know exactly what your options are and here is where you will find what kinds of chains you can select from. Get more information on lengths and other available selections with our chains and necklaces.


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