Women's Coin Rings

Coins are an established part of our history and if you think about it, they tell a story about a particular point in time. They are a part of our heritage as much as our ancestors. Custom coin rings provide a unique opportunity to wear that part of history that holds particular meaning in a modern way.

Handcrafted Rings In Mint Condition

Whether it was the year your Great Great Grandparents came to America or the face of Lady Liberty that speaks to your patriotism, handcrafted rings made from coins are a beautiful representation of not only your personal history but also your personal nature.

Stunning Silver Half Dollars that display Lady Liberty striding confidently towards the sun become handcrafted coin rings that are perfect for those that let nothing stand in their way from their dreams. Buffalo Nickel custom ring made from coins are perfect for those that are steadfast in their honor and integrity. We take the coinage that tells our Nation’s history and custom create a unique way for you to make it a part of yours.

We believe your coin ring should withstand the test of time just as the coins themselves have. All of our coin rings are polished by hand and we then apply a ceramic Cerakote coating. Coin rings will wear rapidly with daily use and the Cerakote helps to prevent the wear. This ceramic coating is durable and long-lasting and adds another layer of protection to your handcrafted ring. And because we are a certified Cerakote applicator, this is added assurance that for us, quality counts!

All of the work on our handcrafted rings made from coins in done in house. We oversee the entire process from start to finish. Your coin is hand selected and because our coin provider has a large network, we can take requests for certain years. Our artisans handcraft the coin into the ring and then every ring is polished by hand. A ceramic Cerakote coating is applied to the exterior of the ring and the ring goes through a final round of hand-polishing. Beautiful gift box presentation adds the finishing touch! Because everything is done in house, we typically ship your handcrafted ring in 2 - 4 business days from order processing.