Birthstone Necklaces

The months in which we were or others we love were born play such an important role in our lives. We carry a huge selection of name necklace with birthstone pendants, birthstone bar necklaces and personalized birthstone necklace with name so you can celebrate all the special months in your life.

We Have You Covered The Whole Year

Birthstone personalized necklaces are a beautiful way to not only show off your love for a particular month but also provide a way to show the names of those you love. Whether you choose a birthstone necklace with kids names, a birthstone personalized mother necklace or even a cursive name necklace with your birthstone strategically placed, the sky is the limit when it comes to creative expression.

And don’t be afraid to be extra-ordinary! All of our personalized bar necklaces can be decorated with a birthstone of your choice. Choose an infinity name necklace and add a birthstone in the curve of the symbol. Mens engraved necklaces can be discreetly embellished with the birthstone of his significant other or his children or even a birthstone that honors the month his dog was born.

Found personalized jewelry that doesn’t include a birthstone? Want to custom create a birthstone name necklace? No problem! We want our customers to call us, email us, contact us and let us know how we can help! Our Messages in Metal are 100% American made and our warehouse in Montana means that you are getting a top quality product and top quality service because your messages - well, they deserve nothing less than the best!