Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Posted by Big Sky on Aug 22, 2018

Oh Montana

I am itching to jump into Fall. I mean full fledged scratching myself silly waiting for the cooler temps, the changing of the leaves, pumpkin beers and the ring of the school bell. All the flavors of the Fall season that are lip smacking delish. I am more than ready to immerse myself in all it has to offer.

Down side to my happy Fall dance is that yes, my little peepers are all leaving the nest. Boxes are packed, supplies are ready, clothes have been washed, folded and ironed where necessary. Those peeps of mine are forging out in their own across a span of eight days and saying adios to the comforts and conveniences that we share to go do great things! Yep, they are leaving home.

Give this child a home

Home. Just the word itself puts a little lump in my throat. The concept of home is one that every person connects with. And whatever our ‘home’ may be or what we consider our ‘home’ really is our foundation. What we build from. What we return to. Where we are most ourselves. What inspires us and grounds us all at the same time. Four little letters that deliver a huge impact with millions of different meanings. With that being said, let me share a little about what home means to me.

Home by Definition

I actually took the time to look up the word home as it’s a rainy day and I’m surrounded by three peepers demanding breakfast and dogs that need attention and I’m avoiding all of the above by saying I have some research to do. My ‘research’ revealed to me that home is several things: “the place where one lives permanently”, “the social unit formed by a family living together”, “a familiar or usual setting” and “a place of origin”. All kind of the same but all unique and different. And each definition I can connect with.

Little Pink Houses

Whether it’s a house, an apartment, a cave if you’re Batman, we have a place of residence that we call home. Typically some sort of structure with some walls, an enclosure where you lay down your head at night. Doesn’t have to be fancy, doesn’t have to be 10,000 square feet - just has to be a place where you go, that you return to daily or when you’re coming home from school during the holidays. Come home to momma, peepers…

Give him the love of a good family

Home Grown

In some ways I think this is intimately connected with your place of residence. This is the crux of what I think parents try to give their children - a good home. The very heartbeat of a family. It is the feeling, the connection, the joining of forces of peepers and peeper parents, the social and familial unit of people that cohabitate with one another. It has nothing to do with the structure itself but more so the emotions and feelings of cohesiveness that living together brings about. There’s no place like home…

Looks like Home

We’ve all experienced this. You come across a place, something that sparks a reminder of home. Maybe it was the lay of the land, maybe it is the cookie cutter shape of the houses or maybe it’s a place where you feel most at home like the football field or in a hockey rink. Whatever it is, home doesn’t necessarily have to be where you live but can just be a setting that is familiar to you, that you slide into like a pair of old comfortable slippers. And it brings about those same feelings of comfort and compatibility. Feels like home to me…

Sweet Home Alabama

And probably my favorite…home is a place of origin. Where you came from. A place that centers you, brings you back, makes you remember. Where you got your start. It’s that one place that no matter where your life or your travels have taken you, when asked where it is you’re going, your answer is always, “I’m going home.” Country roads, take me home…

And a woman of his own

A little slice of home

It’s funny - I’ve always loved our house since we built it back in 2001. Our home. We built it from the ground up and for all intensive purposes, my peepers know no other ‘home’. They were blessed to have lived here for all of their lives for the most part. For them, it absolutely is not just the physical home that they will return to on their breaks from school but hopefully represents the feeling of security and love that come from that feeling of home. They don’t realize it now but will later in life that it’s one of the best things we could have ever given them.

Give him a fire in his heart

One of the reasons that I love where my girl peep goes to college is that it reminds me of home. It has that feeling of seclusion and nature and laid back lifestyle that I think made her fall in love with it the moment we drove on the campus and me as well. There is a sense of comfort that we both get from that connection to a place that we both love and have an appreciation for.

Give him a light in his eyes

And for me, Montana will always be my home. It doesn’t matter where I live, where I go, where I plant new roots, my home will forever be the beautiful state of Montana. I go there and I can breathe. It is one of the few places that I let go of the stress and simply am not mother, caregiver, friend. I go home to Montana and I am a daughter, a sister, an auntie. For me there will never be another place that holds my heart as much as Montana does.

Give him the wild wind for a brother

From Our Home to Yours

We so believe in the concept of home. The importance, the comfort, the love we have for our homes, for our home state of Montana is far and away the driving force behind what we do and the products we offer. We are proud that our Messages in Metal are made in Montana because to us, that means something special.

And we understand that your homes, that your home states are special to you. Our state jewelry is offered in all fifty states, offering you the opportunity to show your love and pride for the place that you call home. A variety of different metals and combinations and personalizations means that you get the opportunity to reflect what inspires you, what best gives you that feeling, that comfort, that love that comes from going home.

We are honored to share a part of our Montana home. We hope you take a minute to stop by, look around and make yourself at home. Your Words. Our Jewelry. From our home state to yours.

And the wild Montana skies