About Me - Life Unedited

About Me - Life Unedited

Posted by Big Sky on Oct 05, 2018

My oh my - October is here in fall fashion! No - not a typo. Legit everywhere I look are signs of fall, blasts of color, hoodies, jeans and Ugg boots. Grateful that there is no snow here although Montana has been teased with the possibility of snow showers. Hard pass on that - it is ONLY October. Let us get through trick or treating with no winter coats and boots please.

Speaking of fashion, I have been on a search for fashion blogs that pique my interest. Fashion blogs for seasoned women. Mature women. Women in their 40’s and 50’s that dress with a little bit of flair, that think outside the box and that march to the beat of their own drum. I’m not a kitten heel, turtleneck, mom jeans kinda girl -  not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you.  To each their own.  So I’ve been on this pursuit of connecting with other closet fashionistas like me - especially those on a budget. Keep reading - this is going somewhere I promise.

What I have found is that some of these blog names are AWESOME. And I find myself wondering more about how in the heck they came up with such fabulous blog names and less about where I can get those jeans for $20. Some authors as you read their About Me - you came to understand. And some people I still was scratching my head. Some people’s creativity is awe inspiring. And some - well, let’s just say I’m sure there is a story there.

So, because I can and because I have no probs poking a little fun at myself, I thought I would write my own little ‘About Me’ and then follow it up with some potential blog names and/or website addresses that are a reflection of me and my world. Remember - I’m a child of the 70’s and 80’s and back in the day we were raised with thick skin and a healthy appreciation for self deprecation. All in good fun and had myself a laugh or two.

About Me

Hi! My name is Hallie and I’m a mid-40’s hazel-eyed, mid-sized, small town girl from Montana living her life out loud on the East Coast. A middle child and momma to three, I am a lover of swear words, my morning cup of coffee, doggies of all shapes and sizes and let’s not forget my therapist, Tito. On days that end in -day, you’ll find me hanging out with bars - meaning barbells - and generally covered in sweat and chalk and smelling like a farm. I am passionate about writing and stringing words together despite the fact I always lose at Words with Friends. I have what I would consider a healthy competitive nature and losing is not something I particularly enjoy. I love watching my trio do their thing in the rink or on the field but being cold is no much my favorite thing. I enjoy the act of cooking (siracha is a food group, right?) yet more so cooking for others - I merely look at food as a way to help me get the most out of my days. I am one of those people that is fully engaged with life - some call it adult ADHD - I consider it engaged. My blog is about the parody I call life - how to wear it, eat it, drink it, embrace it, run from it, live it.

Potential Blog/Website Names

Had a good laugh coming up with some of these and I’ll do my best to explain the why behind each one.


Ah, this is a running theme in my life. I am a believer that everything has a place and everything in its place and that’s how you never lose things. I am the only said person in this house that believes that. And the coveted iPhone charger is perhaps the biggest misplaced item. Several of mine have disappeared over the years, perhaps because they are not repeatedly yanked out of receptacles and not only look like brand new, but have no loose wires hanging from them. Had two new ones - one in my bedroom next to the nightstand and one down in the kitchen, very distinctly marked with a permanent ‘M’. And at least once a day you could hear me screeching or madly texting WHO TOOK MY CHARGER…What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours. Fingers off my charger.


This is not always a verbal threat but often times is delivered solely through the death stare as I’m asked from the family room - “what is THAT?” As I mentioned in my About Me, I view food much differently but do attempt to please the palate of all dwellers in my home as for them, they love food. As long as they don’t have to take any part in shopping for it, making it, cleaning up after it. And it’s exactly what they want at that point in time. I eat eggs, people. Lots and lots of eggs. So when the attempt is made to make maple bacon pork chops with rice pilaf, I expect a standing ovation and no comments.


I have this awesome laundry basket. Separated three ways, darks go in one, whites in the other and delicates in the third. It is literally four feet maybe from our bathroom door. I don’t particularly like washing my clothes with theirs because the man smell transfers to my clothes but I’m willing to deal. That being said, clothes fall off of bodies and lie in heaps on my bathroom floor. Because somehow that extra four steps to put them in the hamper is just. too. much. Which leads me to my next potential website address.


Back in the old days, when you got out of the shower, the tub, the wash basin, you were clean. So therefore, whatever threadbare object you used to pat yourself dry was still essentially clean when you were finished. And, in fact, was hung dry and then was used for another three or four days. Gasp. Yes. It’s true. Oh not so much over here in Big Sky country! Oh no! Here we use a brand new towel EVERY time we get out of the shower. And then we toss them on our bedroom floor, missing the laundry basket or hamper by a mile, because hey - there’s a whole closet full of fresh towels for when I take my next shower this afternoon!


Given that I have four dogs and all of them are shedders, let’s just say that dog hair is a mainstay in my house. Impossible to keep up with, it covers just about every surface. And dirty dishes. There never seems to be a shortage of either and I spend a great deal of my day to day life cleaning up the two.


This one also could be called noimnotmakingyoulunch.com, peasemakemesammiches.com, whatwereyouthinkingforlunch.com or a variation of any or all. Doesn’t matter if I’m in the middle of performing open heart surgery or what it is I’m doing, there is no shortage of wanting me to drop what I’m doing and ‘make’ something for them. This goes from the top down. Doesn’t matter that they may be all camped out watching TV while I’m folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher and feeding the dogs - we’re hungry, woman!


This is absolutely the equivalency of when I was younger the threat of “Wait until your father gets home!” I try not to pull that card out often because every now and again I do have to call/text Papa Bear and that’s a bear even I don’t like to poke while he’s at work dealing with real world problems - not the pro’s and con’s of driving the car through two states to pick up a friend for football.


Also known as whereismydeodorant.com and whydontihaveanysocks.com and isthatmyshirtyourewearing.com. My family takes the phrase ‘sharing is caring’ to new heights and although I don’t ‘share’ anyone else's toothbrush, deodorant or personal items, apparently my personal items and my husband’s are very much coveted and conveniently shared when needed and at will.

The Real Real - Not A Highlight Reel

I learned that my life is pretty much indicative of me - a little on the crazy side, a little out of order at times, kind of like Animal Farm. It’s loud and at times abrasive, competitive and a life I am fully engaged in. And isn’t that how we should be living our life? Fully engaged? And there goes the light bulb! Kudos to these fab bloggers that put themselves and their life and their opinions out there for all to see. They are living something they are obviously passionate about and are engaging in their life. This life I’m living isn’t perfect - certainly no Little House on the Prairie. But it is mine - and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Except for the whole toothbrush thing. I color code them and everything - use your own.

Your Life Unedited

So I ask you…what would your ‘About Me’ say about you and your life? What makes you tick, makes you crazy, makes you laugh? What would the title of your blog be? Your web address? Are you living as authentically as you can be? You don’t need to share it online to be accountable to your values, your personal creed - you just need to be aware of what it is and make sure that you are upholding it and living it to the best of your ability.

We can’t walk the walk for you but we certainly can help you talk the talk! We want you to be as fully engaged with your life as we are with ours. A statement necklace with your name, your business, your blog or maybe a family pendant that serves as a reminder as to what is your driving force in life - the options are endless!

Your passion. Our creativity. Messages in Metal.