10 Tips For Choosing What Jewelry To Wear On A Date

The practice of wearing jewelry can be traced back thousands of years ago, and the art of making and wearing jewelry persists throughout today’s modern society. Wearing jewelry is a wonderful and unique way to add creativity and personal flair to any outfit. With countless styles and designs, selecting the perfect piece of jewelry to pair with your personal style can seem overwhelming at first. However, determining your sense of style and finding a reputable jewelry brand can make the process of selecting stunning pieces of wearable art more manageable. 

Dating is an extremely paramount social custom in many cultures and modern societies. The process of dating can be a nerve-wracking experience, and the last thing you want to worry about is selecting the perfect jewelry for a date. The task of determining what necklaces to pair together or whether you should add a ring to your overall jewelry look can overwhelm even the most knowledgeable jewelry wearers. However, you can rest assured as this article will walk you through the top tips for selecting the perfect jewelry for any date. 

The jewelry that you select will depend on the specific type of date you are going on. The activities you plan to participate in will dictate what pieces of jewelry will pair well with your outfit and your experiences. For example, if you are going for a romantic hike at a local nature trail, it may be wise to steer clear of layering up a name initial necklace with multiple classic jewelry chains. In some cases, a simpler jewelry look consisting of one monogram necklace and a single custom-made ring will allow for a better or safer date experience.


The common phrase, “Put your best foot forward”, can be helpful to remember when you are preparing for a date. Accessorizing for a date may seem like a monumental task at first but picking out high-quality jewelry items is an essential part of ensuring your date goes smoothly. When preparing for a date, it is extremely important to select quality pieces of jewelry. Well-made jewelry is more durable than some other jewelery pieces on the market. 

To find high-quality necklaces and rings, make sure to research what materials are used in the crafting process for each piece of jewelry. Reputable jewelers such as Messages in Metal, place great emphasis on utilizing the highest quality metals in the creation of all of their jewelry pieces. Jewelry companies that value quality ensure that only the best and safest metals are used in crafting stunning custom-made jewelry pieces.

If you have any skin sensitivities or worry about a piece of jewelry tarnishing, make sure to avoid jewelry items that contain nickel or copper. It is much safer to select pieces that are either sterling silver or sterling silver plated in gold or silver finishes. The most trustworthy jewelry companies are very transparent when it comes to informing the consumers of the specific materials used to craft each unique jewelry product. 


Going on a first date can be an extremely exhilarating and enjoyable experience. However, these first dates can be especially scary and nerve-wracking if you have never met or interacted with the other person before. In these cases, when nerves are especially haywire due to the uncertainty of the date, it is even more important to select high-quality pieces of jewelry to pair with your first date outfit. 

It could be embarrassing to show up to a first date wearing a ring that turns your finger green or a necklace that looks extremely tarnished. To leave a positive first impression on your date, selecting pieces of high-quality jewelry to pair with your outfit is an extremely important component of a successful first date.

The wearing of jewelry is a highly personal and unique experience. The creativity that can be expressed through adorning these hand-crafted pieces is a wonderful way to express your personality and preferences. Jewelry can serve as the perfect way to subtly inform your date of your style preferences and unique personality traits. For example, wearing a dainty piece of initial jewellery can indicate to your date that you prefer a simpler style and like to add a flare of personalization to each of your outfits. However, layering multiple jewelry chains with various cuff rings could indicate that you are bolder in terms of style and prefer to express yourself in a more daring manner. 


If you have located a reputable jeweler that crafts high-quality items, such as Messages in Metal, but still feel overwhelmed when selecting the best jewelry for a date, start by picking your date outfit first. When getting ready for a date, your nerves might make selecting a single outfit difficult.

Many people have faced the struggle of trying on countless pieces of clothing in an endless battle to don the perfect outfit. First dates can create a significant amount of pressure to make a perfect impression and your appearance can impact this process. 

Therefore, we recommend selecting your date outfit before picking the specific jewelry you will accent the outfit with. To select the best outfit, make sure to check with your date to determine the location of your outing. Make sure to take the weather into account as well as the type of activities you will participate in throughout the date.

All of these factors will influence the type of outfit you select for your first date. In addition to these more practical considerations, make sure to select an outfit that emphasizes your personality and uniqueness

Wearing an outfit that makes you feel both comfortable and confident will help you to appear more relaxed and excited throughout your first date. It is proven that one of the most attractive qualities in a person is their level of confidence. This means that you should dress in a way that embraces your true personality rather than trying to impress other people. If you feel comfortable and confident, others will recognize and appreciate that mentality. You can then focus on selecting your first-date jewelry after you have picked out your ideal first-date outfit. 


Not all pieces of jewelry pair perfectly with every outfit. Therefore, it is very important to assess what jewelry pieces look best with particular styles of clothing. For example, if your first date requires you to wear more formal clothing, such as an elegant evening dress, a longer statement necklace may compliment the outfit wonderfully. The pieces of jewelry you select will differ depending on the date activity and occasion. If the first date is more casual, selecting a cute piece of initial jewelry or monogram jewelry might be the perfect way to accentuate your outfit and individual style. 

It is important to remember that while this article offers helpful tips for date jewelry, personal preference and style freedom are also extremely essential when selecting the best jewelry for a first date. This means that your style sense should play the largest role in determining which pieces should be worn on a first date.

To make the best, most positive impression on your date, try to feel confident and beautiful. In order to do this, selecting first-date outfits and jewelry that make you feel empowered is key.

If you feel that you are most confident when you pair a chunky snake chain with your favorite monogrammed necklace, then make sure to wear these pieces on your first date. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is an essential part of making a good first impression on a date, and the jewelry you select should emphasize this mindset rather than minimize it. If you don’t feel comfortable layering multiple necklaces, then stick with a simpler style choice. 


The process of picking out the perfect jewelry “look” for your first date is completely variable depending on the type of the first date. Not all first dates are alike, and this level of uniqueness can influence the jewelry selection that each person makes. Before picking out your jewelry for your first date, make sure to check and see what location you will be going to in advance. The jewelry you would wear to the movie theater may be different from the jewelry you would wear to a fancy restaurant, and that jewelry may be different from what you would wear to the beach. 

If the date location is meant to be a surprise or secret, then make sure to inquire whether there is a dress code and if so, make sure to ask if the setting is more formal or casual. In addition to determining the dress code, it can also be very important to inquire about the activity level and strenuous nature of the outing.

If your first date is to an amusement park with a plethora of roller coasters, it might be smart to avoid donning multiple long pendant necklaces that could be lost on one of the many exhilarating rides. Any hints that your date can offer will help decide what jewelry would best suit the atmosphere of your particular first date. 

10 TIPS FOR chooseing jewelry TO WEAR ON A DATE


As mentioned earlier in the article, it is best to plan your outfit for your first date ahead of time. First dates are already stressful and planning your outfit at the last minute can add unnecessary worry to the entire ordeal. By selecting your outfit ahead of time, you can ensure that you will not have any last-minute second guesses when it comes to selecting the perfect outfit.

If you plan out your first-date outfit ahead of time, then you can also select the perfect first-date jewelry as well. If you were to select an outfit at the last minute or change your mind on what to wear for a first date, this could create additional stress. In this scenario, you would also need to pick out alternative or additional jewelry pieces to pair with the new clothing. It is best to plan ahead in order to ease your stress before the first date. 


When preparing for a first date, it is best to avoid big flashy items or pieces of bulky jewelry. When preparing for a first date, it is important to account for your personal comfort. Some extremely bulky or flashy jewelry items such as large pendant necklaces or oversized earrings may seem like cute, fashionable choices. However, if you are mini golfing with your date and your earring catches on your sweater as you lean over, it could cause unnecessary embarrassment or discomfort.

Therefore, it is very important to select pieces that will not interfere with your date activities or lead to potential discomfort. Extremely flashy items may also draw unwanted or unnecessary attention while on your date and therefore smaller necklaces, rings, or earrings may be the more practical choice when selecting the perfect jewelry to wear on a first date.

Some examples of overly flashy or bulky jewelry items are pieces that have excessive branding displayed or extreme mixes of colors and textiles. These items can be quite distracting which is not ideal when meeting someone for the first time. It can be challenging to leave a positive first impression on your date if they are distracted by jewelry pieces that sport large logos or excessive decorations.

You want your date to remember you and not the overly flashy piece of jewelry you were wearing. These bulky and distracting items can also overshadow the first date outfit that you painstakingly selected. It is best to air on the side of caution for a first date and select pieces of jewelry that will pair well with your outfit and accentuate your beauty rather than distract from it. 


When meeting someone for the first time, it is a good idea to prioritize wearing high-quality pieces of jewelry instead of cheaper items that may tarnish or appear unpolished. Selecting a piece of high-quality date jewelry is essential. We recommend paying close attention to the materials and metals that make up each custom-made jewellery item you are planning to wear.

High-quality pieces may seem unnecessary; however, their expert craftsmanship ensures that each jewelry item is well-made and will last for years to come. While you are on your first date, you can rest assured that the high-quality jewelry items you have selected will hold up to all of the activities you have planned for your outing. Purchasing a well-made jewellery piece from a reputable brand such as Messages in Metal ensures that you will not only add a gorgeous jewelry piece to your collection, but you will look stunning on your date as well. 


When meeting someone on a date for the first time it is a good idea to avoid wearing jewelry with specific political or religious ties. While expressing your ideas and opinions is important and extremely valid, it is also a good idea to ensure that your date feels comfortable upon your first meeting. It is important to remember that not everyone shares the same religions or political beliefs and these discussions, while important, can wait for a later meeting or date when both parties have communicated their feelings and comfort levels.

The first date between two individuals can be extremely intimidating and therefore, it is important to take the necessary steps and precautions to ensure that both parties feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable throughout the outing. We recommend sticking with timeless and classic designs that will not steer any of the conversations on your first date in a negative or controversial direction. If the first date is positive and both individuals agree to continue seeing one another, deeper conversations regarding these topics can arise naturally. 


As mentioned previously, it is also important to select jewelry that makes you feel both comfortable and confident when accessorizing for a date. Depending on the activities that are planned for the date, prioritizing comfort is quite important.

Some styles of jewelry may be trendy or bold, and the practicality of those items should be addressed before opting to wear them out on a first date. If you are constantly fidgeting with an uncomfortable necklace or pair of earrings, your date could easily pick up on this and it may alter the overall tone of the date itself.

 It is also important to prioritize jewelry that makes you feel confident and beautiful. If the current jewelry trends make you question your style or beauty, opt for classic pieces that enable you to feel confident in yourself. Jewelry can be a wonderfully empowering accessory that allows you to express creativity and embrace your own beauty.

Because of this ability, the jewelry you select for a first date can truly elevate your look while boosting your overall confidence. Therefore, make sure to pick out pieces that make you feel stunning. Your date will be able to recognize your self-confidence, and this usually creates a very positive atmosphere. 


First dates are all about making a positive first impression. The pressure to impress your date may make you feel anxious and nervous, but one of the best ways to alleviate that worry is to select personalized pieces of jewelry to add to your outfit. Wearing a stylish yet elegant name necklace can add a simple yet creative touch of personalization to any outfit. These necklaces match with almost any style of clothing and can act as a cute illustration of your confidence and unique style. 

Donning an elegant initial pendant necklace or an expertly crafted monogram jewellery item can help you to embrace your creative and playful side while making a positive first impression on your date. These necklaces are becoming more popular, and some might argue trendy, but their delicate designs ensure that these pieces are understated and elegant.

Because of their dainty nature and gorgeous metal finishes, you can rest assured that these necklaces will emphasize your stunning outfit and personality rather than detract from them. If you have any questions on how to select the perfect piece of personalized name jewelry or custom-made jewelry, Messages in Metal’s website offers extremely helpful and educational articles about how to select handmade jewelry. 


In the same way that we recommended paying attention to which jewelry pieces best complement specific first-date outfits, we also encourage you to pay close attention to what colors pair best with each other. While colorful jewelry pieces can serve as a wonderful way to express your creativity and style, it is important to balance these colors in a way that compliments your outfit rather than overshadows it. 

A first date is not always the best place to show up wearing jewelry of every color. If you are opting to wear jewelry pieces on your first date that have gemstones, pay attention to which colors pair best with the clothing you have already selected. Usually, it is safe to select one colored type of gemstone piece and pair it with clear or colorless pieces.

For example, selecting an emerald-colored pendant necklace can serve as a wonderful pop of color for a neutral-toned outfit. However, we would not recommend pairing the emerald necklace with ruby red earrings as these colors may clash or bring about an unseasonal holiday-like appearance. It would be safer to pair the emerald, green pendant necklace with cubic zirconia or diamond earrings. The clear stones will pair nicely with the green tones of the necklace and will not clash unnecessarily. 

If you choose to wear colored jewelry out on your first date, make sure to try on the pieces ahead of time to verify that the pieces elevate your overall appearance. Some mixing and matching of stones can add a creative flair to your overall look but trying out these combinations ahead of time is key so that you can avoid any distracting combinations. Picking a stone color that holds important meaning to you can also allow for interesting discussions while out on the date. Consider selecting your birthstone to add a creative conversation starter to your first date. 


After picking out the perfect first date outfit, pay close attention to the outfit’s neckline shape. This is a small detail that can get easily overlooked if you do not try on your outfit before the date itself. Some necklace styles do not pair well with all necklines and therefore selecting pieces of jewelry that complement your specific neckline is important. 

A high neckline from a mock neck or turtleneck may look best paired with a longer style of necklace or even a few layered necklaces. This adds some dimension and creativity to simpler more classic outfits.

If you are wearing an outfit with a scoop or a deeper neckline you can consider selecting jewelry pieces that fall just above or in the middle of the neckline. This allows the symmetry of the outfit to remain undisrupted while also adding an elegant accessory to elevate the entire outfit. If you choose to layer multiple necklaces, make sure to vary the chain lengths and styles to add texture and dimension in a natural and appealing way. 


If you have not determined which metal finish or color looks best with your skin tone, make sure to determine this before leaving for your first date. While most jewelry tones can be paired beautifully with any skin tone, some finishes truly complement and bring out your inner beauty and glow. Before picking the jewelry finish you want to wear for your first date, try on a variety of metals and finishes. 

Personal preference is key here. While some say that gold finishes pair better with deeper skin tones than silver hues, personal preference should take precedence here. Select whichever metal finish you like the best when preparing to go on a first date. Some people even like to mix and match metal tones. This can add a sense of creativity and excitement to an outfit.

However, before mixing and matching metal tones we recommend that you only mix two metal finishes together at a single time. Adding in a third metal tone can make the entire look appear unpolished or tacky. When mixing metals, it is also important to create symmetry within the jewelry look. This means that you want to ensure that you are not pairing one yellow-gold item with five silver items. Try to create a balanced look when mixing metals. Again, it is important to also assess how each metal finish or color looks with the outfit itself. Creating a cohesive look in which the jewelry enhances the beauty of the overall outfit is crucial.  


Sometimes, choosing to wear a statement necklace with an outfit can add a fashionable and creative element to the clothing. However, when it comes to selecting jewelry for a first date it is wise to avoid potentially distracting statement pieces. If you are determined to wear a statement piece of jewelry, it is best to only pair a single statement piece with an outfit.

If you decide to wear a statement necklace with your first date outfit, then it would be smart to pair this item with subtler earrings or rings. In the same way, if you have decided to wear statement earrings, then it is best to pair them with subtler or daintier necklaces. As with any other first-date jewellery, make sure to try out your outfit and jewelry before leaving for your date to ensure that the statement jewelry does not distract from you or your outfit.

It is also important to remember that statement pieces of jewelry might not always pair the best with particular activities so verify your date agenda before selecting a piece of statement jewelry. 

SHOULD MEN AND WOMEN WEAR different types/styles of jewelry ON A FIRST DATE

It is normal to wonder if men and women should wear different types or styles of jewelry on a first date. While the most important thing is to select jewelry that makes you feel comfortable and confident, there are a few differences to address between men’s and women’s first-date jewelry. 


It is quite popular for men to keep their jewelry selection simple on a first date. This means that a simple necklace and a ring or two look the best on a first date. However, it is still important to check which jewelry pieces complement your overall outfit. Men should still assess the necklines of their first date outfits before choosing a necklace to pair with their clothing.

It is also important to minimize the addition of multiple statement or bulky jewelry items to an outfit. Classic necklaces and rings are the best options for men when it comes to selecting the perfect first-date jewelry. Just remember to wear pieces that boost your self-confidence and make you feel empowered. 


For women, it is usually more common to utilize jewelry accessories. Selecting a few classic necklaces, rings, and elegant earrings can add the perfect finishing touch to any first-date outfit. It is important to remember that less is often more when it comes to accessorizing for a first date. Wearing classic styles of jewelry that complement the other pieces is ideal. 

If you decide to layer multiple necklaces for a date outfit, make sure to try on each of the combinations with your outfit before meeting up for your first date. If you have multiple ear piercings and decide to wear hoop earrings, it is smart to stick to simple stud earrings for your other piercings. Similarly, rather than wearing rings on almost every finger, try to pick just one or two of your favorites to accessorize your outfit. A mixture of gemstones and plain metal finishes can add dimension and effortless style to your first date outfit. 


What is the best jewelry to wear to a date?

There really are no perfect pieces of jewelry for a date. Personal style and preference play a large role in picking out the best jewelery for a first date. In addition to your individual sense of style, the location of the date also is very important when deciding which jewelry should be added to your outfit. In most cases, it is best to stick with simpler or more classic pieces of jewelry when preparing for a first date. If you want to mix metal finishes, it is safest to select only two and avoid extremely bulky or flashy pieces. 

How do I know what type of jewelry is appropriate for a first date?

Again, there are no firm rules dictating what date jewellery is appropriate for a first outing. However, selecting pieces that are simple and timeless can be the best choice when preparing for a first date. Make sure to prioritize wearing pieces that boost your confidence and feel comfortable. It is best to avoid wearing pieces of jewelry that promote particular religious or political affiliations as these can cause some individuals to feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Extremely flashy or bulky pieces of jewelry can also detract from the overall stylishness of your specific outfit. 

How do you accessorize for a date?

Adding jewelry to your outfit is one of the best ways to accessorize for a date. Stunning and well-made jewelry items can add an air of elegance and creativity to any outfit. Jewelry adds personalized flair to your outfit and choosing pieces that embrace your particular style can elevate your first date look. It is always important to try on these pieces before leaving for a date though in order to ensure they work cohesively with the outfit. 

Should you wear jewelry on a date?

Yes! If you like to wear jewelry, then you should accessorize with some of your favorite pieces before leaving for a date. Just remember to select pieces that will complement your outfit choice. Not all pieces of jewelry will pair well with every outfit so always try on your outfit, including jewelry, before leaving for your first date. Also, make sure the pieces you select are comfortable and will work well at your specific date location. 

How much jewelry is too much for a date?

When preparing for a date, it is important to not wear too much jewelry. Usually, simpler is better when it comes to accessorizing an outfit with your favorite jewelry pieces. Wearing some simple earrings, a couple of necklaces, and a classic ring or two is usually a safe accessory choice for a first date. Try to avoid wearing extremely bulky or flashy items as these can distract from the outfit altogether. Always try to pay attention to the tone of the date-- whether it is formal or informal--when selecting first-date jewelry. 

What if I don't have any jewelry to wear on a date?

If you do not have any jewelry to wear on a date, do not fret! Try to find a reputable jeweler that creates high-quality designs with expert craftsmanship. There are a variety of affordable, yet well-made jewelry options on the market. For example, Messages in Metal creates amazingly crafted jewelry pieces that can serve as the perfect complement to any first-date outfit. If you are purchasing jewelry specifically for a date, it is important to prioritize timeless pieces that will not distract from you or your clothing. By purchasing classic and elegant jewelry items, you will be able to wear them again and again. 


While going out on a first date can seem extremely terrifying and stressful, it is important to take a deep breath and remember that the other individual might also be scared or nervous. Setting realistic expectations and remembering to prioritize enjoying the evening is very important. Do not put too much pressure on yourself to appear perfect; just remember to be yourself. Despite a plethora of tips for date jewellery selections, minimize unnecessary stress leading up to a first date by planning your outfit and jewelry selection ahead of time. Selecting classic jewellery for a date is always a safe choice when trying to find the best accessories for a date outfit.

January 1, 2023 by Conor Daniels

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