The No-Stress Guide to Buying the Perfect Name Necklace

If you think about it, our names play a major role in our life. Whether it’s a name that has been passed down from generation to generation, or a decision we agonize over when having children, it’s a defining part of who we are. We designed our selection of custom name necklace jewelry to not only let you show the world whom you are, but to also capture a part of your personality and individual style.

WHAT IS A name necklace ?

A name necklace is a depiction of any name that’s important or special in your life  beautifully displayed on a necklace. Crafted  from high quality sterling silver and available in a variety of finishes, name necklaces are custom created just for you in our home state of Montana.

A VARIETY OF custom name necklace STYLES

There are several different styles of name necklaces available. From one-piece designs to vertical tag style name necklaces, the creative designs signify that you choose the one that appeals to you the most. Custom name plate necklaces are our specialty and should you not find that just right design, don't worry! We can create virtually any personalized necklace you'd like and bring to life your design in a matter of 2-3 days.




For a neat and chic look. Recommended for personal use.


For the modern generation.  Recommended for tweens, teenagers and those that live life over the top.


For a softer, more feminine approach.  Recommended for women of all ages and perfect for gift giving.


For the woman that has it all together.  Recommended as a gift for friends, sisters, moms and grandmothers.


For the sophisticated professional.  Recommended for the college graduate/young professional.

These name necklaces display the selected name and connect on each end of the pendant directly to the necklace.

We offer a variety of different fonts because we understand that everyone has different tastes.  From simple and understated to sophisticated and extravagant, we’ve got something that will celebrate every name.

If you’re looking for something a little more on the simple side, consider choosing the Confidence font.  For those that want something with a little bit more pizzazz, our Dynamic font has a bit of an italicized feel while still remaining classic and elegant.

Signature font style name necklaces are ideal for those looking for a one-piece design.


These bar name necklaces have different designs and options and allow for a lot of personalization. One style features an open rectangular bar with the selected name cut out on the interior of the rectangle and the necklace is attached at each end of the pendant.

Our other name bar necklace styles features a solid rectangular bar with the name personalized either vertically or horizontally.

The design is versatile and bar name jewelry necklaces are ideal for men or women looking for a design that is one piece and simple in style.



Add a little depth and dimension to your bar necklace with name by choosing one with a hammered or textured finish.


Your name necklace can be accented with a Swarovski birthstone of your choice. A great way to add a pop of color!


Choose a name bar necklace that has an antique finish. This gives you an old world style with a modern design.



Tag style name necklaces feature a vertical, rectangular pendant with the selected name cut out on the interior of the rectangle.  The design is open, with a bail at the top of the pendant which slides on the included necklace.

Custom name necklace tags are ideal for those wanting a separate pendant that moves on a necklace.


  • Add a string of letters. Choose the first letter of the names of your kids, your pets, etc. and arrange those letters accordingly.
  • Add a birthstone. This adds a splash of color and recognizes a special month.
  • Add a word. Words like 'strength', 'beautiful' or 'joy' can be personalized on a name tag pendant in lieu of a name.



Couples Infinity Name Necklaces

Two names combined with the infinity symbol create a personal way to display the bond you share.

Couples Heart Name Necklaces

Show the love and the names that hold special meaning with the name necklace made of hearts for couples.


Name bar necklaces for couples are available in different finishes and fonts. Choose the combo that speaks to your heart!

Couples name necklaces hold two names and are found in the infinity style, or as a bar style pendant that includes two distinct pendants.

Perfect for romantic couples or even for best friends, the pendants are attached at each end to the necklace or have a bail at the top. From infinity styles to heart couples name necklaces to couples necklace nameplate pendants that are two halves of a whole, there's no doubt you'll find the one that best captures your bond.

Couples name plate necklaces are ideal for those looking for a single pendant to celebrate two names or for those looking for two pendants at one price.


Initial name pendants are available in every letter of the alphabet. You can select a single letter or a combination of three initials together.

The initial name necklaces are available as a hanging letter, or as a monogrammed round or square, dog tag styles and more.

Initial name jewelry is ideal for those who wish to have a way to display the letter or monogram of a name in a simple and understated way.



Monogrammed initial name jewelry lets you combine three initials of personal choosing.


Select the first letter of your name, a child's name or even the first letter of your pet's name.


A hammered finish adds great depth and character to your name necklace for initials.




Family personalized necklace name jewelry can hold anywhere from one to six names depending on the pendant.


Birthstone custom name necklace pendants are accented with your choice of Swarovski birthstones.


Get the best of both worlds with family name plate necklaces that are personalized with names and birthstone accents.

Family name jewelry is available in a wide variety of styles that range from rounds, to tags, to other shapes.  The pendants allow for a high degree of personalization and the names can include nicknames, first names, pets and more.

Family name jewelry is highly versatile and modern. The name necklace can be personalized with anywhere from one to six names depending on the pendant. There are options for names, birthstones and a combination of names and birthstones together.

Family name pendants are a terrific gift idea for any member of a family and are ideal for moms, grandmothers, aunts and close friends.


Select birthstone name jewelry to recognize a particular month or combine that birthstone with a name and honor both!

Our birthstones are genuine Swarovski crystal and add a brilliant splash of color. Ideal for anyone, a birthstone necklace with name on it is a versatile option for every lifestyle.


  • Several style to choose from. Bars, rounds and even family trees are accented with as many as six birthstones.
  • A great gift idea. Ideal for anyone, birthstone personalized name necklaces are a go-to option for anyone on your list.
  • Add a name! Many birthstone personalized necklaces offer the option of adding names too.


This may sound crazy but we go by a lot of different names in our day to day life. Our given names. A nickname. Mom. Pops. Choose the name that you most identify with and that you feel best suits whom you are.


  • Your name
  • Your nickname
  • Your favorite word
  • Your child's name
  • Your spouse or significant other's name

Choose between a sterling silver name necklace and 24k gold plated over sterling silver name necklace.  Our sterling silver name necklaces are made of .925 sterling silver with anti-tarnish qualities.  This adds great luster and durability to our name jewelry.



Sterling silver personalized name jewelry is ideal for every day wear.


Gold name plate necklace pendants are great for gift giving!


Rose Gold name necklace jewelry is perfect for that occasion that is extraordinary.

Take a close look at all the styles available when choosing a custom name plate necklace. Whether you're recognizing our own name, the names of your children or representing your family with your name bar necklace, choose the style that you find most appealing and that best celebrates the name or names in your life!


There’s no right or wrong way to choose a name necklace but with so many options to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming.  We have some tips to help you narrow down your selection and choose the name jewelry that is perfect for your lifestyle and is exactly what you’re searching for.


Think about your body frame.  This is an important factor to consider when choosing the perfect name necklace.  Those with a smaller body frame might prefer name jewelry that is smaller and more refined in nature such as a signature font name pendant.  Those with a larger body frame might lean more towards something that is bold and more of a statement piece.


Think about your activity level.  If you have a more sedentary level of activity, you have a wide range of choices.  Signature font, larger statement pieces and tag style name jewelry are a great way to display your name and won’t get in the way for day to day activities.

For those with a moderate to highly active level of living, think name bar pendants or couples name jewelry that is attached to the necklace at either end.  This prevents any sort of sliding of the pendant that could get caught in clothing during strenuous activities.


Lifestyle matters when it comes to choosing your ideal name necklace.  Those that are looking for a name pendant to fit with a professional lifestyle might prefer understated options such as initial name pendants, name tag jewelry and heart name pendants would be a great fit.

For those who have a more casual lifestyle, add some color and fun!  Think birthstone name jewelry and combine birthstones with the names of those special people in your life.


When choosing a name pendant, consider who you want to recognize.  If you wish to recognize a single individual, bar name necklaces and initial name pendants are a great option and hold anywhere from a single letter to up to twelve characters.

When seeking to recognize families, infinity style name jewelry and family name pendants can be personalized with anywhere from two to six names.


Different skin tones pair better with different metals.  Cool skin tones pair best with lighter metals such as sterling silver and stainless steel.  People with warm skin tones compliment well with gold, rose gold and copper.  If you have a neutral skin tone, both silver and gold metals match well.

Give us a call at 1-877-244-9625 or email us at and allow us to help create a name necklace customized by you!


Your name necklace selection should be a surprise but we also want you to know exactly what comes in the box. Watch here to see what you can expect when you receive your Messages in Metal!


Name jewelry is a great gift option and makes for a great personal choice for any recipient on any occasion.


What better way to say ‘Congratulations’ than with an infinity couples name pendant with the names of the bride and groom!


Show your spouse how much they are loved and gift them a monogrammed name pendant with your initials.


Choose a Gold Confidence Name Necklace with their name as an ideal birthday gift for any man, woman or young adult!


Let mom know that you appreciate her with a family tree birthstone name pendant with the birthstones of her children.


Give dad a gift he’ll treasure always by choosing a dog tag name pendant with the first letters of each of his children.


Choose Moon and Back name jewelry for grandparents and godparents and let them know how much they are appreciated.


Any friend would love to receive an initial name necklace that they can wear every day and honor the bond you share as friends.


What girlfriend wouldn’t love a Silver Dashing name necklace with your name to remind her that she’s your number 1!


He will love a Silver Initial Hammered Square name pendant with a 24” chain and your initial as a private way to wear his heart on a pendant.


Thank your bridesmaids for being a part of your special day with a Gold Monogrammed Round or a Rose Gold Fancy One Name Bar Necklace!


Choosing the right name necklace can be a challenge.  We have some tips and tricks to help remove the guess work out and guide you toward a perfect choice.


Choose what is familiar to you or to them such as the name they go by most often, the ‘name’ in their life that means the most to them.  Their first name, their role such as ‘Mom’ or ‘Nana’. Stick with what you know is familiar and comfortable to them.


A busy on the go mom is less likely to wear a larger-sized name necklace, while a less active grandmother or professional might like something that is a little oversized.  Be certain to consider their day to day activities when choosing a name necklace.


Name necklaces can be customized to reflect the personality of the recipient.  Straightforward name necklaces are great for the woman who likes to keep it simple or you can add a birthstone to a more ornate name necklace for the woman with a vibrant and colorful personal nature.


Because all of our necklaces are manufactured, designed and shipped from one location, we can help you create a name necklace that is completely one of a kind and unique to your ideas.

Need help choosing a gift for that special someone or that extra-ordinary occasion? Let us help! Call us at 1-877-244-9625 or email us at and we will assist you in choosing the nameplate necklace you're looking for!

FIND ALL your name jewelry  FAQ'S HERE

Find answers to all your questions about name on necklace jewelry here!

Does the name necklace tarnish or fade with prolonged wear?

Your name necklace is made of .925 sterling silver with anti-tarnish qualities and will not tarnish or fade.  We do recommend not wearing your name jewelry while bathing, showering or swimming as harsh chemicals found in pools and soaps and shampoos can damage the integrity of the metal over time.  Consistent cleaning with the included cleaning and polishing cloth will also help to maintain the beauty of your Messages in Metal name pendant.

Do you have to use a name or can you use a word?

Your personalized necklace can be customized with a name, a word, virtually any string of letters that you’d like.  First names, last names, nicknames, words that define you like ‘Strong’, ‘Brave’, etc.  We can custom create anything you’d like and if you have questions about a custom name necklace, call us at 1-877-244-9625 or email us at and we will be happy to help.

Does the gold plating wear off?

The gold plating will not wear off of your name plate necklace.  We do suggest that you refrain from pairing your pendant with other pendants or necklaces that it may rub against as this can compromise the integrity of the plating over time.  Weekly cleaning of your name jewelry and removing during bathing will help to preserve the shine and durability of the pendant.

Is it real sterling silver?

Yes.  Your name necklace is made from .925 sterling silver with anti-tarnish qualities and the metal is 1mm thick.  This far exceeds the industry standards.

How long will my name necklace take to arrive?

Your custom name necklace will ship 2-3 days after order processing.  Once your name jewelry is finished, it ships out in our custom Messages in Metal packaging.  Delivery time frame is 2-4 days.  Total delivery time from order placement to delivery is 5-7 business days.

How tall are the letters?

The height of the letters of the name necklace will vary.  Different letters have different heights and uppercase letters are greater in height than lower case letters.  The height of your personalized name necklace can range from ¼” up to ¾” from top to bottom depending on the letters that are used.

Do you offer combined shipping if I’m ordering two name necklaces to ship to the same address?

Absolutely!  If you are ordering one, two, three or more the shipping cost is one low price to ship all the name plated necklace jewelry to one address.

Can guys wear a name necklace?

You bet he can!  Personalized necklace name jewelry is ideal for men and women alike.  We have styles like our dog tag name pendants that may be more appealing to men but we can also change up the style of a particular necklace with name on it and give it a more masculine feel.  Call us at 1-877-244-9625 or email us at and let us help you design a custom name necklace for your favorite guy!

Can you capitalize a letter after the first letter? Like DawnLucy?

Most definitely!  We can custom design your personalized necklace with capital letters, birthstones, letters strung together that hold particular meaning and more.  The options are endless and our goal is to give you name jewelry that is exactly what you want.

Do you deliver name jewelry to Canada?

deliver name jewelry to Canada, the United States and all over the world.  Your name necklace will arrive in our specially designed black and white Messages in Metal packaging.  Tracking information is sent when your item ships to the email address used when you placed your order and this gives you up to date information on where your package is at.

What is the total length of the name necklaces?

The length of your name necklace will vary depending on what style of name jewelry you ordered.  Our signature font necklaces include an 18” high quality chain plus a 3” extender.  Depending on the length of the name, the total length of your name jewelry will range from 19” to over 23” in length.  For our other necklaces with names like our name tag jewelry, a 20” chain with 2” extender is included with your selection.  The total length of the name tag necklace will be 20” to 22” depending on use of the extender.

Will the name pendant bend?

Your necklace with name on it will not bend.  We do recommend that you do not where your personalized jewelry during strenuous activity or while sleeping in order to prevent the jewelry from getting caught on clothing or inadvertently damaged.

Is the necklace more like a choker or is it longer?

The name necklace will lie differently on every person.  The chain for our signature font name necklaces measures 18” in length and the necklace has a 3” extender.  Depending on the length of the name and whether or not you use the extender, the personalized necklace will sit at the base of the throat or further down on the chest near the top of the sternum.  Our name tag jewelry and family name pendants include a 20” chain with 2” extender and this means your name necklace will lie around the top of the sternum or slightly lower.

What kind of chain comes with the name jewelry?

Our necklace name plate jewelry includes a high quality chain.  The chain will measure anywhere from 18” up to 24” and our 18” and 20” standard chains include extenders on the end.  This allows for great versatility with your personalized jewelry and lets you make it longer or shorter with ease.

Can I order this morning and receive tomorrow?

A personalized necklace name pendant takes 2-3 days to design and manufacture.  All of our name pendants are made in house and are made to order - nothing is prefabricated.  We do have expedited shipping which means after the 2-3 days need to design and manufacture we can overnight or two day air your Messages in Metal selection.  But we do not have 24 hour turnaround due to the specialty nature of your name necklace.

Can I see a proof of my name pendant before you send it?

We absolutely can send you a proof of your custom name necklace before we send it.  Once you approve the design proof we can begin the actual manufacturing of the name jewelry.  From order placement to design to manufacturing to packaging takes 2-3 business days.

Can you do Chinese characters instead of a name?

Yes we can!  We can design a custom name necklace that is exactly what you’d like.  A name, a word, Chinese characters, a dog paw - the sky is the limit!  Simply send us an email at or give us a call at 1-877-244-9625 and we will help you come up with a personalized name necklace design that suits you to a T!

I can’t tell how thick the pendant is. Do you have specifics on the thickness of the metal?

Our name plate necklace jewelry is 1mm in thickness.  This exceeds the industry standards as other companies only offer a thickness of 0.6mm - 0.8mm for their name necklaces.  We strive to give you the best value for your money!

Is the name necklace easy to clean?

Our name necklace jewelry is very easy to clean!  A Messages in Metal monogrammed cleaning cloth is included with your order and we suggest that you clean and polish your name jewelry once every couple of weeks.  Consistent cleaning will help to remove build-up and oils that may cause the name pendant to look dull or dirty.  Do NOT use harsh chemicals to clean your name necklace as chemicals can compromise the integrity of the jewelry.

I want a 16” chain. Is this an option?

At this time we only offer 18”, 20” and 24” high quality chains to go with our name necklaces.  Our 18” chain includes a 2” extender and our 20” chain includes a 3” extender.  The extender gives the wearer a higher degree of versatility with the name necklace and allows for the necklace to be lengthened or shortened as desired.

I’m buying this as a gift and shipping it right to the person. Does it come gift wrapped and can I request a gift receipt?

Your custom name necklace from Messages in Metal comes packaged in a jeweler’s gift box and monogrammed white presentation box.  The jewelry will be surrounded by monogrammed Messages in Metal tissue paper and includes a high quality cleaning and polishing cloth.  We absolutely can include a gift receipt and gift wrap your name on necklace jewelry at no additional charge.

I don’t like any of the fonts you offer. Can I send you a font that I like and have a name pendant made in that font?

Yes you can!  We specialize in custom name necklaces and would be happy to design a pendant in the font that you love.  Simply send us an email at and include a sampling of your font and the name that you would like.  We can do a proof and email back and begin manufacturing your name necklace once the proof is approved and the order is placed.

I have a hyphenated name. Can you add the hyphen?

We sure can add a hyphen.  Just be sure to include the hyphen when you personalize your necklace with name on the product page.  It does count as a character so if for some reason this makes your name longer than the allowed characters, give us a call at 1-877-244-9625 and we can modify the order on our end to accept the extra character.

Where is the name necklace made?

Our name jewelry is made of .925 sterling silver with anti-tarnish qualities that measures 1mm in thickness.  We also offer rose gold plated over .925 sterling silver as well as 24k gold plated over .925 sterling silver.  Our selection of necklaces with names on it includes other designs made from stainless steel, aluminum and copper.

What would you recommend for a girl around the age of 10-12?

Our signature font name jewelry would be a great gift for any young lady.  Choose from the Confidence name necklace, the Dynamic name necklace, the Dashing name jewelry, the Charming custom name necklace or add their name to the Brilliant name plate necklace.  We can add a birthstone, use a nickname and completely personalize the necklace with name on it to reflect her personality.

I want to get matching necklaces for me and my bestie. Do you have necklaces that are for best friends?

We sure do!  Choose any of our couples name jewelry and get matching pendants for you and your closest friend!  We have heart personalized necklaces that can be personalized with two names and two birthstones as well as name jewelry like the Everlasting Name Tag Necklace.  The Everlasting is available in sterling silver and 24k gold plated over sterling silver and your selection includes two complete name necklaces.  We also do custom name necklace jewelry and invite you to email us at with your ideas.

These would make great gifts for my bridesmaids. Do you offer discounts for larger orders?

We would be happy to offer a discount for large orders!  Give us a call at 1-877-244-9625 or email us at and give us all the details.  We will help you create an extra special gift for your extra special attendants at an extra special price!

I spelled the name wrong! What do I do?

Mistakes happen and we understand that!  Should you notice that you submitted an incorrect spelling of a name for your personalized necklace, a wrong birthstone month or something of that nature, call us at 1-877-244-9625 with your order number.  We will go above and beyond to make it right!

Can you do a name necklace in all capital letters?

You bet!  When ordering a name on necklace pendant, simply capitalize all the letters in the name and then be sure to add in the comments section at checkout that you would like my name necklace in all uppercase letters.

My husband’s name is 14 letters and this is too long for the Infinity necklace. What are my options?

If your name is longer than the allowed characters for the necklace with name on it that you’d like, don’t worry!  Send us an email at or give us a call at 1-877-244-9625 with your request and we will make it happen.  Sometimes we can make the name pendant a little larger, modify the design slightly in order to accommodate longer names.

I want something that isn’t on your site. Do you offer custom orders and is there a charge added on because it is custom?

Custom name necklace orders are our specialty!  We pride ourselves on our unique selection of designs but realize that sometimes you’re looking for something a little extra-ordinary.  Call us at 1-877-244-9625 or email us at with your custom order requests.  We will collaborate and come up with a personalized necklace that is exactly what you’re looking for!  And we do NOT charge extra for custom orders!

What are the birthstones made of? Will they fall out?

All of our birthstones are genuine Swarovski crystals.  We went through an extensive training process on placing birthstones on the name jewelry and all of our birthstones are guaranteed to not fall out.

I am highly active and worry about the necklace falling off or getting lost. How do I know that won’t happen?

We recommend that your personalized necklace name jewelry NOT be worn during strenuous activity.  This will prevent your name necklace from getting caught on clothing or damaged during activity.  Remove your jewelry and store in a safe place before engaging in highly vigorous activities.

I want a bunch of letters for the name that mean something private to me. Can I do that?

We sure can!  Simply order your personalized necklace with the letters in the order that you would like them and we will take it from there.  We may send you an email or give you a quick call to double check the spelling of the order and verify lower case, upper case and all the details.

I have a lot of questions. Is it possible to email you and how long does it take for you to get back to me?

We love to hear from our customers!  Please send us an email at and ask us as many questions as you’d like!  All answers are answered within 24-48 hours but generally much sooner than that.  For questions about a name plate necklace that you need the answer to right away, give us a call at 1-877-244-9625.

I need to change my order right away. Is there a number where I can contact you?

Absolutely!  If a change should need to be made with your necklace with name on it, give us a call as soon as possible at 1-877-244-9625.  Sooner rather than later is always best but we will always go the extra mile to make any changes you need.

I’m buying this as a gift. Does the necklace come in any sort of gift box?

Your personalized necklace will be placed in a jeweler’s velvet gift box with the pendant on a velvet platform.  The gift box is then placed in a white presentation box and the presentation box is nestled in a bed of monogrammed tissue paper.  You’ll know your package has arrived when you see the black and white specially designed Messages in Metal packaging delivered!

I want a symbol instead of a name. Can you do that?

Most definitely!  Send us an email with the symbol that you’d like and what exactly you’re looking for.  We can do up a proof of your personalized necklace and once you give us the okay, place the order and begin manufacturing.

Do you offer solid 14k gold?

We do not offer name jewelry is solid 14k gold.  We have a great selection of name plate necklace jewelry that is .925 sterling silver with anti-tarnish qualities that is 24k gold plated.  This gives our customers the beauty of 14k gold without the higher associated price.

Can you do a name in Arabic?

We can do a personalized name necklace in Arabic.  Simply send us an email at with the name in the Arabic and we can mock up a proof for you.  Once you approve the custom name necklace proof, we can place the order and start the manufacturing of your name jewelry.  It takes about 2-3 business days to design, manufacture and prep your order for shipment and standard delivery is 5-7 business days from the day your order was placed.

I want a name necklace in gothic font but you don’t offer that. Is gothic font an option?

We can create the name necklace you’re looking for in virtually any font.  Send us an email at with your font selection and the name.  We can email you a proof and once you place your order, we can begin creating your personalized necklace.

Is it okay to get one for my dad with my mom’s name?

That’s a great idea!  We have a lot of great styles for every dad and from initial name jewelry to couples name necklaces to a name tag pendant with a spouse’s name, there are several different styles to choose from.  You could add a birthstone, choose her nickname or we can even help you create a custom name pendant just for him!

I really like a particular name necklace but I want my birthstone added. Can you do that?

You bet we can add a birthstone!  All of our name on necklace pendants can be accented with a birthstone.  Email us at with your request and reference your order number or give us a call at 1-877-244-9625 before you place your order and let us know what you’re thinking.  We can collaborate together and then place your order right over the phone.

Where do I personalize my name pendant?

You personalize your name pendant directly on the product page.  Each product page will have a designated area where the characters for the name are added, birthstone selection is made, etc.  If you’re having trouble, please call us at 1-877-244-9625 and we will be happy to assist you!

I want all lower case letters but all of your names start with a capital letter. Do you offer all lower case?

We can do all lower case letters.  Make sure that when you are personalizing your name on necklace that you choose all lower case letters.  We may give you a call or send you an email to verify that you do indeed want all lower case lettering.

I have two names for my first name. Can I get an initial pendant with two initials instead of just one?

Absolutely!  Two initials can be done together to create a custom initial name pendant that is totally unique to your name.

Can I shower with my name pendant on?

We suggest that you do NOT shower with your name necklace on.  Chemicals from soaps and shampoos can damage the integrity of the jewelry.  Simply remove your name jewelry and place in a safe location while bathing or showering.

Custom designs are our specialty!  Call us at 1-877-244-9625, send us an email at or click here and let us help you design a name pendant that is completely unique and personal to you!


By Conor Daniels on March 25, 2019