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Mother’s Day is a holiday that has been celebrated for the last hundred years in many places, but a surprisingly small number of people actually know the details behind it. Sure, we all look out for it on our calendars and act accordingly, but what does it really mean to celebrate Mother’s Day and what makes it so special?

In order to fully understand how to get the most out of this holiday, it is important to learn the significance of it. To do this, we must consider mothers and the role that they have played within our society.

THE HISTORY OF mother's day

Even though Mother’s Day is a holiday that we all celebrate every single year, it has a fairly unique history that you might not expect. In reality, the Mother’s Day that we know today has gone through various phases throughout history and wasn’t actually recognized in the United States until 1908 when Anna Jarvis founded it.

Six years later, in 1914, it became an official U.S. holiday celebrated on May 10th every single year. Strangely enough, Anna Jarvis ultimately resented the direction that the holiday went and actually spent time actively working to remove it from the calendar.

While we can’t see a reason why celebrating mothers would ever be a bad thing, it sure makes for an interesting origin story.

Before the Mother’s Day that we now know, where we all aim to find great Mother’s Day gifts and make our moms feel special, the celebration of mothers was a historically common practice that has been used across different cultures since ancient times.

Initially, ancient Greeks and Romans held festivals to celebrate maternal goddesses. The older Christian generations were also known to host festivals in celebration of mothers. On this holiday, children would come together to present their mothers with small presents to show their affection. Ultimately, such celebrations were becoming less common until the formal introduction of Mother’s Day in the United States.

WHY do we celebrate MOTHER'S DAY?

In the modern world, we celebrate many different holidays, some sincere and some more focused upon encouraging fun or laughter. Though we all might love National Pizza Day, it is easy to see that Mother’s Day is a step higher when it comes to special days.

It is a day where we all come together to pay tribute to the women who birthed us, the women who raised us, and the women who have done so for those that we hold near and dear.

Mothers play an absolutely invaluable role in our individual lives as well as in society, so it comes as no surprise that we would dedicate an entire day to them, but have you ever really sat down and considered what it is that we are celebrating?


Everyone knows the harrowing tales of the mother bear, the woman who will do anything and everything to protect her children. We all know the stories of mothers lifting cars off of their children and of women who will brave any storm and work multiple jobs to give their kids a good life.

When we celebrate mothers, we are celebrating a completely unique kind of strength and dedication that exists solely to carry our society forward.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the endless commitment of a mother’s love. It is our way of paying tribute to the women who have brought us into this world, the women who have raised us, and the women who have protected us in times of need.

So often mothers sacrifice for us to give us a chance at a good life, and on this day, we celebrate their efforts and do what we can to thank them for their unconditional love and support.

WHO do we celebrate ON MOTHER'S DAY?

Given the name of the holiday, it is easy to assume that you know exactly who Mother’s Day celebrates. On this holiday, you spend time looking for the right Mother’s Day gifts to give your mom, but it is important to remember that the holiday spreads well beyond that.

While many of us have a mother or motherly figure in our lives that we like to show love, that doesn’t mean that the point of the holiday is only to celebrate a single motherly presence in our lives. In reality, this holiday is about celebrating all mothers in all of their forms.


There are many different ways to define a mother, and what fits the definition for one might not work for someone else. Some people use this holiday to celebrate the women who gave birth to them. This is a traditional image of the mother, and many people celebrate that person accordingly.

However, not all mothers actually give birth to their children. Some mothers adopt children. Other mothers meet them on their journey through life. A mother might be a person who birthed you, a person who raised you, or even a person who regularly offers you counsel and support.

A motherly presence is not defined in one way, but rather determined on an individual basis. The important part is that we use this holiday to celebrate the wonderful mothers who have helped us to grow stronger and be better, no matter what that might look like.


Traditions are born for different reasons. Some can be funny while others can be formed to honor a great memory. Holidays can be special or silly, which is without question part of their charm. They have the ability to bring people together and unite them under a beautiful cause, and Mother’s Day does this better than others. The fact of the matter is that almost all of us owe our mothers more time than we will ever be able to give them, and as a society Mother’s Day is our way of acknowledging them.

We will never be able to dedicate our lives to our mothers in the same way that they did for us, but they also wouldn’t want that for us. That is what makes our society deciding to dedicate an entire day to honoring them so beautiful.

It is why, even though the founder of the holiday wanted it to end, we kept up the tradition and carried it forward. It is relevant because our mothers are the wonderful women who helped us to become who we are, and in this way they have sculpted our society, so we honor them with this day.

25 WAYS TO celebrate your mom ON MOTHER'S DAY

Mothers are special people who are known for bringing so much to our lives, so celebrating them properly is incredibly important. Mother’s Day gifts can come in so many different forms because every mother has different things that make them happy.

When you are looking for the right Mother’s Day gifts or even just gifts for a mother in your life, it is important to celebrate them in a way that is unique to them. Think about what makes them happy, what they would like to receive, and what they mean to you.

Choosing a gift involves more than just buying someone something nice. It means identifying what will make your mom feel special and then taking the time to make it happen.

The best Mother’s Day gifts are chosen for the individual, not just grabbed from a shelf. This is one of the reasons that we made this fun list of the top 25 Mother’s Day gift ideas around.


This is one gift that can be particularly effective depending on your circumstances. If you live too far to drop by, or you and your mother are known for having busy schedules, a simple phone call might be the most effective option for your Mother’s Day celebrations.

Though it might seem basic, a simple phone call can be remarkably effective when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day. Carve out a little extra time to talk with your mom about how grateful you are for what she does and how lucky you are to have her. She will appreciate that you took the time to let her know.


Nothing shows appreciation quite like a good meal, and a home cooked meal is that much more special. You can go about this a couple of different ways to celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day. First, you can get a recipe for her absolute favorite meal and put in the time and dedication to make it like a gourmet chef.

If that seems like a bit much, you can pick her favorite dinner that you remember growing up and return the favor. It isn’t only about the meal, but also about the way that you are dedicating your time and effort to making her happy.


Few things make a grandmother feel more special than grandkids. Grandkids are proof for mothers that their parenting worked out. It is so special for a grandparent to see their family grow, which is why pulling the grandkids together for a special project can mean so much to a grandmother.

To do this, bring the kids together to create a special craft project.

A Story

Kids are fun and imaginative, which is why letting them get creative can make for some amazing Mother’s Day gifts. Let your kids write a story about grandma and see what they come up with. She will treasure it for years to come!


Children love drawing and it gives them a great way to express themselves. Have them try to draw what they love most about grandma and see what kind of wonderful things they can come up with!

A Quilt

Everyone knows that quilts can be a wonderful  and personal gift. Rally the kids together to make unique quilt squares so that grandma can enjoy an amazing blanket that is completely personal and made with love!


If you are looking for a heartfelt gift, look no further than this adorable mother or grandmother necklace. Grandparents can easily be treated to a wonderful reminder of their amazing grandkids with this piece of jewelry that has been custom designed to be fitted with representation from all of their grandchildren.

This unique present offers a beautiful long-lasting gift that also serves as a symbol of your family and the love that you all share. Click here to view the complete collection.


Everyone has activities that they are passionate about and it can be so nice to share an activity that you love with someone that you adore. To treat your mother, set aside some time to jump into her world with her and learn about something that she loves. It can be a beautiful bonding experience that will make her feel special.


So many people love gardening and it is much better with company. Take some time to work with your mother to plant some new flowers or trees. Not only is it a nice and helpful thing to do, but it can also leave your mother with a lasting reminder of a great day. This is the trademark of a great Mother’s Day gift!


Yoga is growing in popularity because it has so many health benefits without causing you too much strain on the body. If the mother in your life loves yoga, put in your comfiest clothes and join her for a class. It is a great chance to bring you two closer.


Many of us love wine and mothers are no exception. If your mom is a big fan of wine, take the time to tour a winery with her. You can spend a fun day learning about wine and enjoying delicious drinks. It is a great way to make memories.


Kids aren’t always the best about doing chores which is why this is such a thoughtful thing to do for your mother. Show her that you appreciate all of the amazing things that she did by cleaning the house like you always should have.

It can give her a day off and is a fun way to give back to the woman who raised you.


Date nights aren’t only for dating. In this day and age, a fun date night can be the perfect way to show just about anyone your appreciation. Take the time to pick your mother up for a nice dinner and fun night out.

Whether you go to a show, spend time getting dinner and drinks, or go to the local carnival, the important part is that you are spending time together. Tell her to get dressed up and treat her to the perfect night out.


The spa is an excellent way to spend a day and it is even more perfect for a mother who is always working hard. Our mothers give us so much and hardly ever get days off.

A trip to the spa is the perfect way to a show your mother that you care and that you want her to enjoy herself.


While it can be nice to buy someone a generous present, sometimes it can be better to go with something a little more personal. Creating a present is an option that is always well received because it comes with an obvious display of sentiment.

Purchasing something for someone is easy, but making a present is a process that involves time, dedication, and heart. When you put aside time to make a present for someone, it shows that you feel that they are worth the effort. It is a great way to gift a completely original keepsake.

Custom Card

There are plenty of great cards on the market, but none of them will ever be as good as the one that you can make. Creating an original card with a heartfelt sentiment is an effective way to turn a simple gift into something special.

Knitted Gift

Knitting is a fun hobby that allows you to make some truly thoughtful gifts, even if you are a beginner. Knitting a scarf, sweater, or blanket can provide your mom with a gift that will serve her for years to come and always make her think of you.

Custom Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are surprisingly easy to make or buy and they are a gift that people who celebrate the holiday always love. Take time to order or create original family-focused ornaments to show your mother just how much you care.


Canvas and cocktails classes are easily becoming one of the more popular ways to spend an evening. These classes provide a fun opportunity to celebrate in a relaxing environment. Since you will come together to enjoy delicious drinks and create something together, it is the perfect way to spend an evening with mom.

You can bond, create something fun, and enjoy a relaxing evening. Most locations even let you select different projects to work on, so you and your mom can find a passion project that you are both interested and book that location. The best part is that each of you will leave with a keepsake to remember the wonderful evening by.


I.O.U. Coupons are completely original coupons that you give to a person to promise them a favor or gift. Many people use this as a creative opportunity to offer loved ones a little something special in certain circumstances. This has always been a great way to show someone that you care and are willing to go the extra mile for them, and you can be as sweet or as silly as you want.

Do A Chore

This coupon can be redeemed at any time for you to do a chore for that other person. It might be doing the dishes or taking the dog on a walk after a long way. The important part is that you are offering a little extra help when the person needs it.

Watch A Movie

We don’t all love the same kind of movies, but it is always nice to support our loved ones when they are passionate about something. It might be watching a sappy romantic comedy or a crazy action film, but with this coupon you are committing to watching a movie of your mom’s choice.

Spend The Day Together

As we all get older, we tend to spend less time with our parents. This is a natural part of life, but every once in a while it can be nice to dedicate a little extra time to your parents when you can. This coupon promises mom the chance to spend a full day with you!


There are some presents that are simply iconic and a signature pendant is one. Buying a beautiful necklace for your mother is a good opportunity to give her a present that lasts, just like your ongoing love for her.

If you are looking for a good way to give her something that she can treasure for years to come, a Mother’s Day necklace that she can wear with any outfit is a great way to go. It allows her to always carry a piece of you with her. Click here to view the complete selection.


Mothers give us so much. Their lives are spent raising us, caring for us, and teaching us right from wrong from the very moment that we are born. With all of the hard work that they put into raising us, it can be a wonderful gesture to treat them to a little relaxation when we can.

Taking your mom on a spontaneous vacation is a great way to help give her a little time back, time that she can spend focusing on enjoying herself.


Send Her On A Trip

Your mom might be in need of a little alone time, and if that is the case, helping her to get out of the city and out on a vacation is a great way to give back. Plan an all-expenses-paid trip somewhere exciting and new.

Go With Her On A Trip

Traveling is always better with company and your mom would love yours. Sometimes it can be a sweet gesture to plan a trip for you and her so that you can spend time reconnecting and relaxing together.

Try Out A Cruise

Cruises are a great way to bring together a complete vacation experience with a relaxing environment. Cruises make it possible for you to be as active or calm as you want, making them ideal for mothers of all speeds and ages. Grandmas love cruises too, so don’t hesitate to plan a trip for the whole family line!


Mothers are known for universally loving photos, particularly of their kids and grandkids. Photos can be a fun way to benchmark the passing of time while also allowing you to make a wonderful collection of memories. A good family photoshoot should be done in a fun natural environment where the spirit of your family can be captured.

Simply tell your mom to dress up, grab the kids, and get to work with a local photographer. This is a great way to make fun keepsakes, and can be used as a great yearly ritual to show how everyone in the family is changing and growing.


Scrapbooks are a wonderful collection of memories, images, and moments in time. A good scrapbook is highly personal, a ton of fun, and will bring a smile to the face of anyone who looks at it. For these reasons and more, making your mother a scrapbook can be a great present for her that she will treasure for years to come.

If you need inspiration, you can easily check websites like Pinterest. As a bonus, this is another project that you can do with the kids to make a present that is that much more special.


A mother’s love is infinite, so why not give her a little bit of infinity in return? Countless companies offer you the chance to purchase an actual star and name it after someone. Why not show the woman who taught you to chase the stars a little extra love by buying her a star of her very own?

Not only is this a present that is easy to obtain and a fun surprise, but it can be exciting to pass down throughout the family since stars will survive across generations.


In the modern age, we all love videos. Whether it is taking some time to snap a clip for Facebook or sending an informative video to our friends and families, we absolutely love this form of media. Family movies have been a treasured form of media since handheld camcorders first became popular.

Now, we all have recording devices in our phones, which makes home videos easier than ever. Show your mom some love this year by making her a compilation of home videos and stringing them together for a full collection of wonderful memories. Whether it is snippets from your life or your family’s, your mom will love reliving all of your favorite moments.


A shopping spree isn’t necessarily the cheapest avenue when it comes to treating mom to something special, but it can be nice if you can swing it. Considering how much your mother spent buying you clothes growing up, it is always a good sentiment to return the favor by taking her out and spoiling her.

In order to do this, you will want to set a budget, grab mom, and take her out for a day of shopping fun. She will love spending the day with you and you can help her pick out something beautiful to wear!


So many of us have at least one thing that our mother has been asking us to do that we just haven’t gotten around to. Whether it is cleaning up a room, dropping by to mow the lawn, or even helping to paint the house, there is almost always something.

Life can be busy and it is easy to feel like you don’t have the time, which is why making the time can make for an excellent gift. Whatever it is that your mother has been asking for, set aside the time to do it for her. It will make her happy and you can cross one more thing off of your to-do list!


Flowers are always a kind token of affection, but their beauty really only lasts for a few days. Purchasing someone a plant gives you the chance to offer them that same kind of beauty, but in a way that lasts. Since you already know that your mother is an excellent caregiver, why not give her a new little life to take care of?

There are so many different plants, each with their own sentiments and styles. You can choose a flower that she loves, a tree meant to bring luck, or even an adorable cactus for her office at work. Every time she waters it, she will be reminded that you love her.


As far as Mother’s Day traditions go, serving your mother breakfast in bed is one that has prevailed for ages. Bringing someone breakfast in bed is a great way to guarantee that their day is started off right and it is an excellent way to dedicate time to showing them that you care.

Not only is it a highly sentimental offering, but it allows them the opportunity to stay comfy, sleep in, and still have all of their needs met.


Somewhere along the line society decided that chocolates were one of the best tokens of affection and we couldn’t agree more. To celebrate your mom or grandmother, buy some fancy chocolates to show that you care.

This gives her the chance to savor something absolutely delicious that was purchased by someone who loves her very much. You can either get her favorite chocolates or opt for one of the fancier collections. A few truffles can go a long way!


Everyone loves having a clean car but so few people enjoy actually getting their car washed. Getting your mother’s car washed and detailed is an excellent way to show that you care but also accommodates a tight schedule.

She will love having a clean car to drive around in almost as much as she will love the gesture. Make sure that your mom is cruising in style by getting her car all cleaned up for the road.


Everyone has a secret list of things that they want, and most people have a not-so-secret list. In order to pull this off, you will need to take note of the moments when your mother mentions something that she wants or likes.

It might be a new watch, a designer scarf, or even just a new piece of art for her wall. Pay close attention and make her dreams come true!


One of the best ways to show your mom that you care is to go out to see a movie with her for a night of fun. Every year countless feel-good family movies hit the theaters, and these are nothing short of perfect for spending time bonding with your mom.

Whether it is an actual Mother’s Day movie or just another movie that stresses the importance of family, these kinds of films can bring you and your mother together and remind her that she plays a huge role in your life. Afterwards, give her a nice long hug to show her that she really means the world to you.


Mothers do not only come in one form and chances are that you know more than you think. When you are looking for Mother’s Day gifts, don’t forget to include the less traditional mothers.

Even though your mom may be very special, it is important to remember that we are celebrating mothers of all kinds on this day, which means remembering the other moms too.

Think About All of the Mothers In Your Life:

  • Aunts
  • Sisters
  • Grandmothers
  • Close Friends
  • Moms By Choice
  • Dog Moms, Cat Moms, Dragon Moms and More!


The majority of mothers inevitably hit a point where they lose their own mom, which can make Mother’s Day incredibly hard. When this happens, it can feel difficult to celebrate because your mom will without question be missing her own mom.

Helping your mother through this time can be as simple as providing her with a little extra support. Remember that this day is hard for her and remind her how grateful you are to have her. It can be incredibly nice to just spend the day with her, even if you normally wouldn’t.

Being present and spending time with the family is a great way to support your mother and help her mourn on a difficult day.

GIFTS not to give MOM

Mothers are a generous breed of people who will love what you give them no matter what, but not all gifts are good gifts. Sometimes a gift can be unintentionally hurtful or even just plain bad. You want your mother to feel celebrated on this day, so put in the extra effort to offer her something that she will truly enjoy.

Think about how special a present is and what it signifies. A good present should always come from the heart, so avoid making any present purchases that might just miss the mark. Focus on who the mother in your life really is and choose something right for them.


A Generic Card

While a card can be nice with a present or even if you add a little something special to it, giving a simple card that is just signed will not make a mother feel treasured.

A Text Message

Sending a text message is simply not an effective way to show your mother that you care. This is not only impersonal, but it also won’t make her feel special.


While plenty of people appreciate receiving money, mother’s generally don’t want it as a present. Though money can be nice, it isn’t a thoughtful present. Offer your mother something more personal.


At the end of the day, the best Mother’s Day gifts are always going to be the ones that are made or chosen with heart. On this special day and on any other holiday where you might be celebrating a mother, it is important to remember that their ongoing sacrifice is what makes it possible for us to all learn, grow, and become better people.

The role of a strong mother can never be understated because at the end of the day it is our mothers who bring us into this world and teach us how to navigate it. Every single day, these wonderful women make it possible for our world to get a little bit brighter, which is why we all owe it to them to bring them amazing Mother’s Day gifts.

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