Unique Creative Gender Reveal Ideas You Should Try In 2021

Having a baby is a time for excitement, joy, and celebration. For many families, it's also a time to share the results of a DNA test on the fetus, allowing expectant parents to better anticipate the gender of their baby very early in pregnancy. Most parents want to celebrate the news with their loved ones and why wouldn't they? This is one of the most exciting times in the lives of every family!

Most of the most popular ways to celebrate the impending birth of a new family member is a gender reveal party, where friends and family gather to celebrate the prospect of new life and the future ahead of them. It seems like everyone is throwing them these days, which may make you curious about what they are and how to plan your own.

If you are looking for an idea with a bit of that WOW factor – or want an equally exciting alternative to the traditional gender reveal – we have just what you’re looking for!

WHAT IS A gender reveal PARTY?

Gender reveal parties are parties held during pregnancy to reveal the baby’s sex at birth. Their purpose is intended to reveal whether your child would be assigned boy or girl at birth. They are creative expressions of celebration over the impending birth to be shared with friends and family and sometimes even a surprise for the parents themselves.

The term comes from a 2008 blog article from Jenna Karvunidis, who revealed the birth of her child by unveiling a large cake with colored icing inside. These parties have skyrocketed in popularity over the years, gaining traction in the United States. Even today, they are only popular in English-speaking countries.

To hold a gender reveal party, you first must know the fetal sex. Typically, this can be determined by ultrasound or DNA testing at around 20 weeks, though it can be established as early as 65 days. However, this might be less reliable than an ultrasound taken later. As such, fetal sex – and the subsequent gender reveal party – are typically held during the second trimester of the mother's pregnancy.

Sometimes, this reveal is kept even from the parties, as the knowledge is given to a third party (occasionally called a "gender guardian") who then plans the event around the eventual reveal of the fetal sex later. This way, it's a surprise for both guests and the parents in question.

When throwing these parties, the focus of the event is fully on the reveal. Parties are typically designed to wind up to this moment by starting with entertainment, socializing, and party games. There are often competitions and other events encouraging people to guess the outcome of the reveal.

When the reveal occurs, it’s usually done with modern gender-associated colors – blue for boys and pink for girls – and a large production of some sort, though that can depend on the size and extravagance of the party.

Unlike baby showers, most people do not bring presents for the expecting parties or the unborn child. Instead, the focus on the party is entirely on the final reveal. However, in recent years some parents have begun to combine the two, giving the party further purpose.

As these parties began to gain traction on social media (especially YouTube and Instagram), they became more popular among married couples looking to find creative ways to make such announcements to their loved ones. Ultimately, they are a way to share the love and excitement of a growing family with others!

FIGURING OUT your guest list 

When planning any party, it can be a process to decide who should be invited and, perhaps just as importantly, who should be involved in the planning process.


Obviously, immediate family is the best place to start. If possible, you want to involve both parents even if one (or both) will be part of the guests surprised by the reveal. If you are planning the party for yourself, don't hesitate to make your choices and preferences known from the beginning!

There's no reason to settle for a party that you don't want or won't enjoy. You should also consider involving any other children the parents have. Not only can you include them in the reveal if you'd like, but they'll likely feel more anticipation and excitement about welcoming a new younger sibling into the family if they feel involved from the beginning.

Most kids love parties! Take advantage of that to get your little helpers in on the fun as soon as possible!


You'll also want to invite other family members as well. This can include grandparents, parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles as well as any adult siblings of the parents-to-be! Most gender reveal parties are a family affair first. Even smaller gatherings have an emphasis on family more than anything else.

Even if you don’t think they will be able to come, you could always extend an invitation to those who live further away. They are likely to appreciate it. Additionally, we’ll discuss some options later for involving long-distance relatives and others.

As a note, you don’t need to invite everyone in your family to the party, especially if their presence might be stressful or cause any concern. Remember that this day should be a celebration for the parents-to-be and a way to share with important people in their lives.


Who doesn’t want to celebrate happy moments with their friends? While gender reveal parties do often prioritize the family aspect, most couples invite their close friends and those in their primary social circle.

Your friends will want to be part of your big day as much as your family, especially if you are close to them. They’ll also likely have a lot of fun ideas for festivities!


There are always other people in your life that you’d like to share these moments with. If you’re close to any of your co-workers, you can always invite them along to share the day.

This goes for any other people in your life that you might wish to be involved. There are no wrong invites to this kind of event, especially if the person is someone you want to share the news with.


The simplest place to hold your gender reveal party is in the comfort of your own home. These parties do not need to be extravagant or opulent. It can be as straightforward as a party around your dinner table or in your living room. Most gender reveal parties are informal, comfortable affairs.

It’s also likely that the mother-to-be may want the bonus of being able to sit down or rest easily in a familiar space. So this is a bonus! If you live in a small apartment or otherwise do not have space, you can hold the event at the home of a friend or family member.

If you plan on holding the party during the warmer months or plan on pairing your reveal with any kind of large performance or a finale that comes with a large mess, you might want to choose an outdoor venue for your party. Confetti, smoke, and paint – all popular options in traditional reveal parties – immediately come to mind.

Holding it outside gives you more leeway in your planning prospects. You could choose anything from your backyard, a local park, or a special occasion outdoor space. There are many options available for you, depending on where your life. Many people in coastal areas hold their parties along the beach or other public areas!

Then again, there’s nothing wrong with renting a party venue. If you anticipate a large gathering – or simply don’t have the room – you can find suitable special occasion venues that will allow you to hold this kind of party very easily.

Your final option is, of course, to just hold your party online! If you would like to share the news with a large group of people – or if you have a large online following or are in the public eye – it might be an excellent idea to live stream your party (and the reveal) for anyone to watch!

Given the interest in these parties and their appeal on social media, you're likely to find a lot of interest in anything you do. If you'd like to hold a smaller online gathering, you can set up a virtual event on Facebook and stream it to a small group of people or choose a platform like Zoom or Skype.

These are all valid ways to stage your reveal that allow you to still have a fun game or another big way to share your big moment with those who can't be there with you.

14 GENDER REVEAL party ideas

The most popular aspect of these parties is the reveal itself. From that first blog article featuring carefully colored icing on a cake, people have begun exploring new ways to share their good news via creative, outlandish, and exciting ways! With that in mind, we've compiled some of our favorite ideas for any reveal. Whether it's a simple home affair or a larger, more elaborate gathering, you'll find suggestions for gender reveals that are sure to please just about all parents-to-be and their guests.


One of the most popular games to play during a reveal party involves the party-goers casting a vote for how they believe the reveal might go. In this case, you can have a custom ballot box made for the occasion and a set of voter cards – preferably in the traditional pink and blue colors – for each guest to select and place in the box.

This can be done at any point during the party until the official time to divulge the fetal sex. These votes can be anonymous or allow your loved ones to sign their names to their choices, giving everyone a chance to discuss their chance for a “win” in the reveal.

At a predetermined time, the votes are tallied. Then, the parents-to-be unveil the real answer, allowing everyone the opportunity to gloat about their success or laugh about their loss. It’s one of the most entertaining, least high-stakes elections you’ll have for a long time!


Who doesn't love a pinata? It's easy to coordinate and a fun physical activity for the whole family. Imagine an adorable stork-shaped pinata that you can crack open when you are ready to share your news with the world! You can also get them in the shape of a blue and pink striped box, a baby buggy, or something simple like a gender-neutral heart or another shape.

While a traditional pinata is filled with candy, you can fill this one with colored confetti, ribbon, feathers, beads, or even sequins. If you'd still like to use candy, you can order candy online with specifically colored wrappers that will do the trick just as well!

If you’d like to go all out, you can have a custom pinata made that suits your family. We’ve seen them in so many shapes!


Speaking of confetti, you can plan your reveal around using confetti in a variety of other ways as well. It’s a good choice for reveals because, while it is often messy, it’s easy to find biodegradable options while giving you a colorful surprise.

Confetti Machine. Renting a confetti machine – which is generally the equivalent of a giant fan - is a quick, easy way of distributing confetti without doing a lot of extra work. You simply power up the machine, deposit the confetti in it, and let it rip! It's a good way to make a big scene very quickly!

Confetti Box. If you want to do with a cheaper route, you can create a confetti box. Much like a pinata, you can hang a decorated box above the heads of the parents-to-be and when the time is right, tug on a string or other mechanism that opens the bottom of the box and rains confetti down!

Confetti Cannon. Want a bigger bang? This is the way to do it! These devices will pop, spreading confetti all over a large area. They can shower the parents-to-be and the whole family with a brightly colored symbol of the child’s gender!


While we don’t advocate using large-scale fireworks for your gender reveal (unless you have some very good safety measures in place), sparklers can be used to almost the same effect. They are much larger than candles and provide a bright, sparkling punch to the moment.

You simply hand out sparklers – either blue or pink (though many people substitute red) – the guests and have them all light them at once just after sunset. Most sparkles are near indistinguishable from one another, though there is a small dot on the tip of each that reveals the color. Odds are, no one will notice this if you wait until the last moment to hand them out.

This also gives you the opportunity for a great photo op if you light the sparklers and then write out the gender in the light. It might take a few tries (and a good photographer) but you should be able to capture the moment on video or film.


This idea is more specialized for the gearhead family. What is a burnout? It is the act of keeping a vehicle stationary while spinning its wheels. You may know it as a "peel-out" or a "power break" depending on your car knowledge.

You can purchase special bags filled with colored powder. You place them in front of each tire, then have your driver carefully do a burnout over them while accelerating. When the bags burst, the result is a giant plume of brightly colored powdered smoke billows out into the air around you.


You can never go wrong with incorporating food into your party planning. Everyone enjoys snacks during an event, after all. We highly recommend incorporating at least one kind of sweet treat - whether it’s baked goods, candy, or something else – into your gender reveal. It’s a crowd-pleasure and a little sugar is a good metabolism boost on a long, exciting day.

Cake. You cannot go wrong with a traditional cake gender reveal. There are a few ways to do this. The most obvious is just by using food coloring on a vanilla cake to turn the entire interior into the proper color. Other options include filling the middle with frosting, colored candy (like M&Ms), or even doing colored layers. By cutting into an innocuously decorated cake – typically with while or even gold-trimmed frosting – you can show the entire party what you're having, as well as serving a delicious dessert.

Cupcakes. Want to play up the “bun in the oven” scenario? Why not use cupcakes? These can be brought out with equal fanfare by allowing the mother or father-to-be to bite into first and reveal the big surprise!

Pie in the Face. If you don't mind getting messy – or cleaning up the mess – you can always go this route. With the help of a friend or family member, you can have them fill a pie pan with blue or pink whipped cream or another type of frosting. Cover it with traditional white whipped cream and then SPLAT you or your partner in the face with it! If you want to add an element of silliness to the party, this is a great way to do it!

Cotton Candy. Fortunately, this idea almost writes itself! Traditional cotton candy colors are already pink and blue! Machines are easy to rent in most areas, leaving you to with a great activity – allowing people to spin up tasty sweets while celebrating your big news. Best of all, this sweet treat is good at any time of the year! (This might be perfect for a carnival-themed party if you want to go overboard on the planning)

Fortune Cookies. For a lighter snack, consider custom-made fortune cookies to reveal your baby’s gender! It’s impossible to tell the contents from the outside and people love cracking them open to get to that pink or blue announcement inside!

Cake Pops. If you don’t want the hassle of cutting and serving a large cake at your party, cake pops are a festive alternative. While you can decorate the exterior in any flavor or color you would like, the interior color of the cake can reflect the ultimate gender reveal.


Some people like to incorporate games into their gender reveals! A very popular one is the gender reveal balloon pop. In this game, you allow guests to throw darts at neutral-colored balloons attached to a large board.

When someone can pop the correct balloon, a spill of glitter, confetti, or paint explodes from within, announcing the gender of your baby. Granted, you should play this game outside to minimize the mess but it's a great way to bring a little fun competition to your party.


Feeling artistic? Why not try to stage a reveal that’s just a little Jackson Pollack! Grab a canvas and some appropriately colored paint, then let loose! Splash, fling, and even finger-paint on the blank canvas in pink or blue to share your news with the guests. You get to make a mess and end up with some pretty unique art at the end of the day! The painted canvas gives you a physical reminder of the day and might even look nice hanging in your nursery.

An alternative to this that might be slightly neater (at least for the parents) is to have the couple stand beneath a clear umbrella. With the help of some assistants standing on elevated platforms (like stepladders or even boxes) on either side of them, buckets of paint can be poured over the umbrella. It’s a great, messy way of getting into the moment.


Balloons are always a festive element to any party. They liven up the décor and add a certain atmosphere to the gathering that cannot be overlooked. They can also be useful when planning a gender reveal.

Here are some ways to incorporate balloons into your reveal:

The Basic Pop. In the most basic reveal, you fill a giant balloon with helium and confetti (or other colored substance) before the party begins. It makes a nice centerpiece for the party, heightening anticipation before the big moment. When you’re ready, you just pop the balloon (or have someone do it for you) so that the confetti rains down on top of you.

The Surprise Box. In this version, you don’t pop balloons – you just release them! For this, you will need a large box and your decorating skills. You will want to decorate the box (or order a custom pre-designed one) however you would like. Most people go with the traditional “Boy or Girl?” motif. Then, the box is filled with balloons. When it’s time to go, you just open the box and poof! You let the balloons – and the reveal – loose!


Most gender reveal parties don’t require presents but that shouldn’t stop you from considering a gift for your close family members if you’d like to surprise them! If you’d like to time your name reveal into the gender reveal, what better way than choosing an engraved name necklace that ties your whole family together?

For example, this Copper Cheery Personalized Name Necklace allows you to create a highly personalized gender reveal by creating an original piece of jewelry to share with your close friends and family.

During the party, you can reveal the necklace to the guests – either by gifting one to your close family members or simply unboxing it and putting it on to wear yourself.

For more information about the significance of Handmade jewelry, visit our guide on the subject. This is a great gift for a grandmother-to-be or to even have matching necklaces made for both partners in a relationship.


Kids can easily become part of your gender reveal with a little ingenuity. Most of the time, you can simply have a quick outfit change and allow the kids to sport pink or blue shirts labeling them “waiting for my little sister/brother to arrive” or something similar.

You can also let the new siblings be the ones to pop the balloons or pinata – or allow them to dump the paint on their waiting parents! These silly cute ideas are great ways to bring the whole family together and keep your little ones excited about the new arrival.

One adorable idea that incorporates other kids in the family is to build a gender reveal volcano. Remember those science fair projects you did as a kid? Mixing up the right chemicals, you can build your own completely safe volcano. Add a little pink or blue food coloring into the mix, you’ve got quite a fun little science project in your hands! Letting your little ones pour the final mixture together, you’ve got an explosive way to bring in the whole family!


If you, or your partner, have any geeky interests, you can always incorporate those into your gender reveal party. It’s a little nontraditional but also a lot of fun. If you’re considering something like that, here are some ideas to get you started.

Star Wars Lightsaber Reveal. Who doesn't enjoy Star Wars (or at least understand the pop cultural reference)? You can have treats themed to the evening – such as blue milk and pretzels dipped in blue and green colored chocolate like lightsabers. What about the final reveal? Have your friends and family gather and then ignite an inexpensive prop lightsaber – blue for a boy and pink for a girl – while playing the Star Wars theme.

Princes and Princesses. This is a cute idea that hinges on a love of Disney movies! Theme the party around classic Disney films and let guests take their pick about which prince or princess the baby might choose as a favorite in the future. It also lets you theme your reveal around Cinderella’s castle or your favorite Happily Ever After!

Pirates and Mermaids. This is a variation of the earlier idea. If you’d like to lean into a fully nautical theme, you can swap the princesses for mermaids (and the princes for pirates) and still have a lot of the same décor ideas! Decorate a cake with a pirate ship and cutting into it can reveal the gender!

Video Games. If either of the parents is a gamer, this is an easy way to incorporate their hobby into the party. You can theme a reveal box (like the ones we discussed earlier) or a cake like a question block from a Mario game. When you cut or break into it, you can let the color out! Decorations can even include color-coded video game controllers.


If the timeline fits, you might want to consider theming your gender reveal around a nearby holiday! Everyone loves additional holiday parties and it's a great chance to bring family and friends together in a way that's not centered around the stress of cooking a holiday meal. It's also much easier to find decorations that aren't entirely pink and blue.

You can use pumpkins for Halloween, unwrapping "presents" that reveal the gender for Christmas, or even delightful hearts and chocolates to theme it around Valentine's Day.

For an Easter-themed occasion, you can style your reveal around plastic eggs and an egg hunt! Have the guests hunt down some easily findable eggs, choosing a winner from the one who finds the most.

You can also hand the eggs out as party favors if that suits the party better! Either way, have all the participating guests open their eggs at the same time to reveal an appropriately colored marshmallow chick (seasonal Peeps are perfect for the task!) to everyone.


If you like the idea of playing into a betting system, you can always go with a lottery-themed reveal. For this, you can do traditional decorations or spice it up with a bit of a casino vibe or even a “lucky day” inspired premise.

Scratch-Off Gender Reveal Cards, similar to lottery cards, can be purchased from various online resellers and handed out during the party for everyone to scratch off all at once. It’s another good group party activity that ends in a big celebration for the final “winner” of the game.

ALTERNATIVES TO gender reveal parties

Gender reveal parties are not for everyone. There's been a certain push back against them in recent years by many who feel they are outdated, including the originator of the tradition herself! That isn't to say that anyone who decides to throw this party is in the wrong but only to acknowledge that some things that are right for one family are not right for others.

If you'd like to throw a party announcing the birth of your child but don't feel comfortable with a gender reveal, there are many other options to consider! Here are just a few that might fit your lifestyle.


The most popular alternative to a gender reveal party is perhaps the simplest – throwing a pregnancy reveal party. Instead of focusing on the sex assigned at birth, you focus on the fact that you are bringing life into the world!

It's a great way to spread the news to your friends and family members either as a complete surprise (which is always emotional) or a chance for your loved ones to bring you presents (think about another baby shower!). Pick a date, order a cake, and celebrate the most exciting news of your life!


Are you into gemstones? Then this just might be the alternative to you. Birthstones often play a large part in the first pieces of jewelry we buy our children, from studded earrings to their first ring, and even sparkly bracelets for them to wear as they age.

Guests can bring birthstone-related gifts – perhaps color-coded or even gifts that incorporate the parents! You can even have a geode cake made for the occasion, bringing a little more bling into your party without a lot of extra work.

One other option is to have a custom piece of birthstone jewelry made to celebrate your newest member of the family. Just take a look at our Birthstone Jewelry Gifting Guide to find out more about birthstones and to choose the best option for your little one!


For a name reveal party, you can use a lot of the same ideas for a gender reveal – have fortune cookies with the name inside, allow people to vote, or even just spell it out with balloons. A name reveal party can be just as grand as any other gender reveal, down to having a colored cake – perhaps rainbow or a gender neural color inside – to mark this special moment.

You can even have a special keepsake made for this occasion – a name bar necklace made with the baby’s name on it. A nice, unisex piece like our Petite Name Bar Necklace is a great option for any name, as it allows room for your child to grow into the person they are without expectations. If you’re more interested in choosing a monogram necklace for the child, check out our guide on monogram jewelry options!

This can be gifted to the mother-to-be on this momentous occasion or to a grandparent. This is especially nice if it happens to be the first grandchild in the family!


Geeky pursuits are becoming increasingly popular among younger age groups as people these interests become more mainstream. It would make sense to incorporate favorite media – television, book series, or music – into the party.

If you don’t want to speculate on your child’s gender, here are a few pop culture options that can lead to some lively debate and fun competitions:

  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts House
  • Future Diva/Rockstar Idol
  • Starter Pokemon Type
  • Tabletop RPG Class

TIPS FOR YOUR reveal party

As we’ve said, throwing any party is a lot of work but one surrounding a pregnancy (an already exciting and occasionally stressful time) can feel like even more work. Before you get too deep into your planning stages, here are a few notes we have on how to throw the best gender reveal party for your family.


While they are technically "traditional" gendered colors, pink and blue have only been seen as such in modern times. They weren't popularized as representing specific genders until the 1940s! If you’d like to have your reveal party with different colors that match your aesthetics more fully, there’s nothing taboo about doing so. Don’t feel beholden to doing something simply because it is tradition.


We know that it's hard to resist going all out for your reveal. However, we implore you to reconsider using any kind of open flame or explosive device as part of your party. Accidents can happen, including one that led to the 7000-acre wildfire that swept across California and caused 25 deaths in just a few weeks. Another reveal, this time a specialty firearm discharge, started a fire that cost over $8 million in damages in Arizona.

These stunts, while they seem impressive, are dangerous. Even when used with the best intentions they have led to at least one tragic death of a family member. Please be mindful of the safety of everyone involved and always invest in safe, well-documented methods for a reveal that do not put anyone in danger.


Watching dozens of brightly colored balloons float up into the heavens does create a great photo opportunity. But what happens afterward? When those balloons deflate or pop, they become just another piece of litter left for someone else to find. If you do just balloons, be sure to keep them on a string or carefully pick up the mess when you are finished.

For other methods, it may be easier to clean up. Most colored powder (like the kind found in smoke cannons) is already safe for use. Additionally, there are many types of biodegradable confetti cannons and glitter that inexpensive and also environmentally friendly.


Don’t feel obligated to spend an outrageous amount of money on your party. You can have an amazing gender reveal party on a shoe-string budget with a little extra effort. The focus of the event should be on sharing your joy and excitement with those you love – not on the dollar value of the festivities or how over-the-top your final reveal turns out to be. Make sure that you are having fun on your day.

GENDER REVEAL frequently asked questions

Do you bring gifts to a gender reveal party?

Typically, gifts are not necessary for a gender reveal party. Unlike a baby shower or even a pregnancy announcement, a gender reveal party is designed to be a gathering of close friends and relatives to celebrate the upcoming birth of the baby. As such, gifts aren’t required – unless specified by the party planner.

Some couples do choose to combine a baby shower with the gender reveal, allowing guests the opportunity to bring gifts. In this case, the gifts should probably be gender-neutral or basic items for childcare (like diapers, bedding, toys, etc). The rule of thumb is to check the invitation for any instructions and, if you still have questions, reach out to the organizers to be sure.

How do you do a virtual gender reveal party?

If you live in an area where it isn't yet safe to have a large in-person gathering or your loved ones are spread across a large area, you might consider having a virtual party! These can be accomplished in a few ways with relative ease.

Do the Reveal With a Photoshoot. If you don't want to an hold in-person event, you can always hire a photographer and choose any of the ideas in this article to highlight in a full photoshoot (or short video). This is a great way to share with friends and family all at once without worrying about your guest list. Additionally, we must admit it looks great on social media, too.

Zoom. At this point, almost everyone is familiar with Zoom. This video conference software allows you to connect with anyone at any time. You can schedule a themed party via Zoom that lets everyone "attend" even if you just have a small group physically present.

Facebook Live. Everyone has a Facebook these days. Why not take advantage of that to live stream your reveal to all your friends and followers? Facebook makes it easy to set up a live video feed in the privacy of your own home that you can share with whomever you'd like. All you need is a webcam (or a smartphone) and you can share the news with everyone on your friend's list WITHOUT needing to invite them home for cake.

When should you have a gender reveal party?

Given that fetal sex cannot be determined definitively any earlier than 20 weeks after conception, though it is possible to make educated guesses at around 65 days. Typically, gender reveal parties occur sometime during the second trimester. However, it can be held any time after fetal sex is determined with ultrasound or by other means. There isn't usually a reason to rush the party, although much of the timing comes down to the personal preferences of the parents-to-be.

What gender reveal ideas can include kids?

It's only natural that a couple would like to include the entire family in a gender reveal event. This includes any other children in the family. You can have the children come out during the party wearing a shirt welcoming their new baby sister/brother or stage a photograph of their feet next to a pair of pink or blue baby shoes for a digital announcement.

You can even have them use paint to put the appropriately colored handprints on a shirt for mom to wear, announcing the newest member of the family. The options are endless for bringing the whole family together for the event!

Who should we invite to a gender reveal party?

The invitation list for a gender reveal party is entirely up to the discretion of the people planning it. There is typically no correct guest list for any family event, though it is traditional to invite immediate family like the potential grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even other siblings of the parents-to-be. Any siblings for the unborn child should also be involved in the party, even in a small fashion.

Can we do a themed gender reveal party?

To be completely honest, theming a gender reveal party seems to be half the appeal of throwing one! Themed gender reveal parties are the most popular type, especially given the prevalence and reliance on social media to share news and life events.

These themes can be very simple – a photoshoot with the reveal presented in a themed image or set of images – to an elaborate event with games and food all themed around however you’d like to make the announcement.

Do we have to serve food at our gender reveal party?

You do not have to serve food at a gender reveal party. Most gender reveal parties do incorporate food into the festivities, whether color-coding snacks, using a cake or another food item to facilitate the reveal, or just theming the gender reveal around food. It's one of the most popular ways to do a gender reveal! Whether or not it’s appropriate to have food at your event depends entirely on the type of event you choose to have.

REVEALING THE NEWEST member of the family

No matter how you choose to celebrate your child's life, it will be a wonderful occasion for your entire family. Anything you choose will always be a part of your family story and, more importantly, a memory that brings you closer together to your newest member of the family.

Ultimately, there is no wrong decision in how you celebrate this moment! The options are endless, and they are all great ones. Do what feels right for your family and you’re sure to have a great time.

May 12, 2021 by Conor Daniels