The Hype-Free Guide to Buying Birthstone Jewelry

For millennia, Gemstones have been thought to possess spiritual and often mystical properties. They’ve been used as talismans, good-luck charms, and signifiers of wealth and nobility. Royalty loves them and many wars have been fought to possess them over the centuries.

For many, birthstones possess the same significance and meaning. A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person’s birth month. They are often worn as jewelry, most often as a pendant or bracelet. They’ve been an important part of American tradition for a long time. But where do they come from? Why should we care? And what are the most popular kinds of jewelry associated with birthstone traditions? In this piece, we’ll explore the answers to all those questions and more.

THE fascinating origin OF BIRTHSTONES

While most of us know our birthstones, you may not know much about them or how this tradition came to exist. Birthstones have a long, fascinating history that goes all the way back to the Book of Exodus.

In Exodus 28:15-21, Aaron – brother to Moses – is the Hebrew high priest divinely commanded to create a very specific breastplate with twelve gemstones, arranged in rows four rows of three and mounted on a gold breastplate set with gold filigree.

The twelve stones represented the Twelve Tribes of Israel (also referred to as the sons of Israel in certain texts). However, these stones weren’t precisely the same as the birthstones we know today. It’s difficult to say which stones were actually present in the breastplate given the lack of standardized names for gemstones in this time (most were known by the region or are they came from).

In the early first century, Jewish scholar Titus Flavius Josephus connected these twelve gems with the twelve signs of the Zodiac. He proposed that wearing the stones during their associated star phases would give therapeutic or even divine benefits. From there, it was easy to link them to the twelve months of the Gregorian calendar. This loose association would last until the present day.

Today, we have largely forgotten the religious connection these stones had originally, instead focusing on more secular trends that emphasize the properties associated with each gem.

EASTERN traditions

The Judeo-Christian origins of birthstones is not wholly unique. The Tibetan birthstone tradition – also referred to as the Mystical Birthstone list – originated sometime over one thousand years ago. There isn’t much known about the origins of this set, as they are not used as frequently as their western counterparts. However, this list attributes magical properties to each stone that correlated with the months of the year. If you wore one of the mystical gemstones, you would be imbued with that power.

Another, more famous birthstone list originates from India around three thousand years ago. This one, the Ayurvedic Birthstone list, is centered around Ayurvedic Indian medicine traditions.

This holistic medicine practice centers on the balance between body, mind, and spirit. Their birthstone traditions differ slightly from our Western versions, though there are similarities in the gems if not the months they are assigned.

BIRTHSTONES as fashion

It wasn’t until the 1700’s that wearing birthstones became the trend (though it certainly hasn’t fallen out of style). The earliest records of this exist in Poland when they were popularized among the fashionable wealthy. However, they did not only wear the birthstone for their own month.

Instead they collected sets of each birthstone and would wear them during the corresponding month no matter what their own birthstone might be. This was thought to grant them some mystical powers (much like those in Tibetan traditions!) and luck during the month.

In 1870, the iconic Tiffany & Co published a pamphlet that included a long form poem that offered an ode to each birthstone, laying them out for specific months.

This list differs from all others at the time period so uncertain how popular it was at the time or in the years after. Nonetheless, it’s clear that birthstones were still popular back then.

MODERN birthstones

In 1912, The Jewelers of America Association formalized the modern list of birthstones we’re all familiar with today. One gem corresponds with each month in the Gregorian calendar. Their list is the widely accepted across the Western world as the standardized list of gems and is used today. They also vaguely align with the much lesser-used astrological birthstone chart. 


Today, Western cultures are most familiar with the list of Modern Birthstones. However, there are two other less commonly used lists – the Mystical Birthstones loosely based off Tibetan tradition and the Ayurvedic Birthstones, both outlined above. We’ve included all three here to highlight the similarities as well as the differences among them.

WHAT DOES your birthstone say ABOUT YOU?

As birthstones today follow the birth month and not the astrological sign, their meaning may differ from the typical zodiac associations. Unpacking their meaning can be difficult at times but they can also offer insight into our personalities and inner drives.


For those born in January, Garnet is the most widely used birthstone, found in both the Modern and Ayurvedic lists. The word garnet is derived from the Latin granatum, which means pomegranate. The gem was named after the dark red seeds of the fruit, though the stone can be found in almost all colors. It’s a gem often worn by nobility in cultures across the globe.

Garnets are associated with cheerfulness, vitality, and passion. Those born in January are good at making friends and often fearless in the face of adversity. They are likely be passionate, strong people who others look up to for their confidence and willpower.

In many cultures, garnets were set into shields and weapons to protect the warrior carrying them. It should come as no surprise that those born in January often value loyalty and exhibit it in spades!

However, it is true that emeralds are also associated with this month in the Mystical Birthstone chart. For more information about emeralds, please see the entry for May Birthstones.  


The frosty month of February has amethyst for a birthstone for Modern and Ayurvedic traditions. This purple quartz can be found just about any corner of the world. The purple shade is also often associated with royalty. Amethyst comes from the Greek word for sober, beginning the stone’s long-standing association with sobriety and supposedly giving it’s wearing the ability to ward off inebriation.

Amethysts symbolize healing and purity as well as peace. Those born with Amethyst of their birthstone are highly intelligent individuals. They often think in grand terms, never losing sight of big picture goals. They are known for being optimistic, generous, and often serene. They have a calming presence that draws people too them.

In the Mystical Birthstone tradition, February births are linked with bloodstones. These are a form of mineral quartz usually found in India, Brazil, and Australia.

Valued more for their symbolism than their color, bloodstones are thought to increase emotional balance and endurance. These are also linked with purify and said to have healing properties.


While the most common birthstone for March is the aquamarine, each birthstone tradition has its own stone association. Aquamarine, a type of beryl, is a beautifully blue, nearly transparent gem that gains its name from the resemblance to tranquil seas. Early sailors even thought it provided protection out at sea.

That tranquility is associated with the stone, too. It’s a soothing, calm stone that also promotes healing. Those born in March are an equally calm presence, able to sooth hot tempers and are often great mediators in conflicts. With even tempers, they are able to assess all sides of a situation before making any assumptions. They always strive for balance; justice is very important to them. They are great communicators who act well under pressure.

The Mystical Birthstone for March is jade, a dark green stone that’s important in many Eastern traditions. It’s often given as a blessing to others and offers protection for travelers and those embarking on new endeavors.

March is also linked to bloodstones in the Ayurvedic traditions. You can learn more about Bloodstones in the entry for February.


One of the most desired gems in the world, diamonds are April’s birthstone. It’s incredibly popular for gifting in most forms of jewelry, including engagement rings. While the clear variation is most famous, these gems do come in many colors – yellow and pink among the more common. It is also one of the strongest natural materials on earth. The word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, which means invincible.

While the western world associates the gem with love and marriage, it has many other meanings. Among many cultures, the stone is considered an energy amplifier, bringing strength and endurance. People with a diamond birthstone are said to be as strong with an unbreakable spirit. They are courageous and determined. They never falter under the face of adversity. Nothing holds back someone born with this birthstone; they face any issue head-on.

Just like the gem itself, those born in this month are also known for being hard-headed and stubborn. This is especially true on issues of love, family, and other relationships.

As the mystical birthstone for April, you can learn about Opals under the entry for October Birthstone.


Spring is a vibrant time of rebirth and celebration. It’s no surprise that the birthstone for this month is equally as vibrant and verdant. Emeralds are the most expensive of all gemstones. They are also some of the most brilliantly colored. Due to that, it’s a stone the ancient Greeks dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love. Emeralds are named after the Middle English word “emeraude” which means green.

Emeralds were once thought to allow wearers to see into the future as well as cure many illnesses. Those born with this birthstone are deep thinkers who are highly perceptive. Deeply empathic people, many are also introverts who do not like to spend time in large crowds or among people they don’t know. They seek comfort in close friendships and value those above all else.

Under the Mystical tradition, sapphires are the birthstone for this month. You can learn more about them in the entry for September.

Agate is another alternative birthstone for May. This stone is known for helping others conquer their flaws and insecurities as well as allowing them to see the world through a wider perspective.


June is an interesting month in that it has two established birthstones in the Modern list and those are also seen in either the Mystical or the Ayurvedic as well. Produced by living creatures – shelled mollusks – pearls have long been linked with love and purity. The ancient Greeks associated this luminous stone with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Often linked to the moon. they were also called “mermaid tears” due to their shape and the satiny sheen the exude.

Pearls promote modesty and stability, especially in relationships. Those with this birthstone are generally more attuned to their environment and quite clever.

While they are nurturing to those they allow into their inner circle, it may be quite difficult to get to know them. They keep their cards very close to their chest. However, once you break past that shell, they have a great sense of humor.

Moonstones are another gem recognized for their luminous, otherworldly glow. They highlight he often mysterious nature of those born in June. They have been associated with calm, feminine energy in most mystical symbolism. The moonstone is also representative of an intuitive nature and great inner growth.


Often the hottest month of the year, that fiery motif is fully on display with July’s birthstone the ruby. The ruby is a bright, beautiful red gem that was called “King of the Gems” by the ancient Hindus, who believed their sacrifice to the god Krishna would grant prosperity and favor.

The ancient Chinese nobility added them to building foundations to promote the same. The word ruby comes from the Latin word ruber meaning “red”. With their lustrous red glow, they’re said to house the fire of eternal love that will never extinguish.

The ruby is a stone of vitality and strength. It has a strong association with devotion, integrity, and happiness. Those with this birthstone are generally very charismatic and enthusiastic individuals. They are forever in action and radiate energy. They also see power but are willing to work hard to get it.

They are natural leaders, always attracting attention. It should come to no surprise to anyone that they generally have very strong emotions and will no hesitate to share them.


In modern birthstone traditions, the peridot is the birthstone for August. These beautiful olive-green gems are often considered one of the most spiritually powerful of all birthstones. The bright green gems were worn as protection from depression, evil, and negativity. Peridot forms deep below the Earth’s surface and are propelled upward by volcanoes or other seismic events.

Those with peridots for their birthstones are creative and quick-thinking. They are likely to gravitate to the arts in some fashion and have a great appreciation for them. While they may seem to “walk to the beat of their own drum,” these are individuals who are never afraid to be themselves. They are always genuine to who they are and what matters most to them. Warm, extroverted, and endlessly friendly, those born in August make wonderful friends who shine as brightly as the gem itself.

The diamond is the Mystical birthstone for August; you can learn about them under the entry for April Birthstones.

Under the Ayurvedic tradition, sapphires are the birthstone for this month. You can learn more about them in the September entry.


There are few gemstones that exude serenity so much as September’s gem. Traditionally a deep blue shade, sapphires have been long associated with wisdom and calm. They’ve been the gem of the oracle throughout history, thought to bring clarity and farseeing to those who possess them.   The name likely comes from the Greek sappheiros, meaning “blue stone,” though some believe it originated from the Sanskrit word sanipriya which means “dear to Saturn.”

Sapphires are a symbol of wisdom, loyalty, dignity, and purity of spirit. They are associated with focusing the mind, maintaining self-discipline, and sincerity. Those with a sapphire birthstone are fiercely intelligent and insightful.

They are quick-thinking and the ultimate problem solvers. Despite their vast intelligence, they are often humble as well. They’ll never brag about their accomplishments but you can be assured they have plenty under their belts.

Other gems associated with a September birthdate are agate (discussed in the May entry) for the Mystical Chart and the moonstone which has Ayurvedic roots can be found in the June entry.


With a kaleidoscope of rich colors, opals are the birthstone of October. With a rainbow of color combinations possible for this stone, the word opal comes from the Greek word opallios meaning “a changing in color.” Opal is a stone of protection, believed to drive away evil and bring hope to the wearer. Aboriginal groups in Australia have many stories regarding the opal, viewing it as the stone that helped bring fire to humanity. It is also a symbol of good luck.

Opal birthstones are for those with open hearts and playful spirits. These individuals are faithful, intuitive, and possess a deep inner self. While they may have an outwardly calm demeanor, opal birthstone holders are always looking forward to the future. It’s what makes them such great leaders.

These personality traits are also reflected in the pink tourmaline – the other birthstone of October – as it is the most colorful minerals to exist.

These beautiful, playfully bright hues are perfect birthstone for those with an adventurous nature and a restless spirit.


The month of November is another with multiple popular birthstones, as yellow topaz and citrine are the most commonly cited. Topaz is named after the island Topazos where the gem was first discovered. These vibrant yellow stones are both considered good luck and symbolize wealth. African shamans historically used topaz in healing rituals.

Both topaz and citrine have very similar qualities, providing an interesting look at those with November birthdays. They both represent strength and healing in both body and mind. November babies have a great mental strength and are fair-minded, especially in matters of finance.

They are often extreme lucky in all things, though they work hard for their successes. They are also quick to forgive and hold friendships very dear to them. Those born in November are considered the life of the party; they have magnetic personalities and never seem without friends.

For the mystical birthstones, pearl is also used for November births. It is covered in depth in our section on June.


For the coldest month, both Turquoise and Blue Topaz are equally popular birthstones in modern times. Turquoise is often cited as the most common, though recently topaz has made a resurgence. Both stones are linked to love and fidelity. However, they may offer different facets in the personality of those born in the month.

A cool blue stone, topaz shares some properties with its yellow counterpart – offering strength and discipline to the wearer. Blue Topaz is linked to all those go-getters out there, though it’s generally considered more for those who are quick to speak their mind and value self-expression.

Turquoise is linked to good fortune and happiness. The opaque stone comes in many shades of blue-green and may be the oldest stone known to man. Many spiritual traditions use turquoise to detoxify the body and enhance the immune system.

For the Ayurvedic tradition, the ruby is birthstone for December. More information about rubies can be found in the July portion of this list.

MODERN birthstone jewelry

Today, birthstone jewelry is a traditional gift for cultures around the world. Many of us have at least one piece of jewelry with our own month’s stone. While we may think of such pieces as a gift for the older generation, there are a lot of modern options that are changing the way most people think of them. From bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings, there’s not a bad option when it comes to a tastefully designed piece with the appropriate birthstone on it.

Not only are birthstones always beautiful gems – diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds are always stylish after all – but they also add a personal touch to the jewelry itself. The wearer has a special meaning to the wearer, after all. It’s part of what makes them such a great gift.  

Birthstone pieces make great gifts for just about every occasion and Messages In Metal carries a terrific selection of personalized birthstone necklaces. They are versatile, one of a kind pieces that hold meaning and symbolism to the recipient.

But what occasions are best for a birthstone gift?


What better way to commemorate the birth of a child than this? A pendant with a child’s birthstone set into it make a wonderful gift for a new mother or for a family that has recently gained a new member. Some jewelry can be set with multiple birthstones - which is a lovely way for any parent to have a wearable symbol of the whole family.

The Silver Five Birthstone Personalized Bar Pendant is a super way to recognize a new addition to the family. The sterling silver pendant can be accented with 1-5 birthstones and includes a beautiful matching chain!


This is the most obvious choice! Birthstones hold a personal significance and are associated with positive attributes. The perfect time to give a birthstone is the month in which it is most relevant, after all! They make a wonderful birthday gift for anyone looking to give something with a personal touch.

Select the Gold Brilliant Name Necklace with Birthstone as a way to make them smile on their birthday! This gold plated over .925 sterling silver necklace adds a touch of sparkle with a birthstone accent set into their name pendant.


Special dates of all kinds can be a good time to gift a piece of birthstone jewelry. Wedding anniversaries are a great time to gift a necklace with multiple birthstones on it – signifying both members of the couple. Birthstone jewelry makes a great wedding gift!

The Silver Dog Tag Family Birthstone Necklace is a super way to celebrate a special anniversary! The pendant is crafted from .925 sterling silver with anti-tarnish qualities and can hold up to four birthstones and four names. And the dog tag style pendant is one that appeals to both men and women alike.


There will always be those who leave us too soon. Perhaps the memory of our loved ones can be captured with a piece designed to keep their memories fresh and remind us of the good times.

The dragonfly has been known to be a symbol of those that have passed coming back to see us. How appropriate to honor the life of a loved one with the Dragonfly Gold Birthstone Pendant! This gold plated pendant is engraved with a name of personal choosing on the body of the dragonfly and a birthstone accent is at the top.


Sometimes, you just want something nice for yourself. And why not? Your birthstone is gorgeous and you don’t mind showing it off, especially in a fun piece of jewelry that sparkles so lovely. Birthstone jewelry doesn’t need a fancy occasion to be purchased; it might just be a great way to reward yourself for meeting a personal goal or just because!

The Silver Single Ring Personalized Birthstone Pendant is one of our favorites and we think it makes a great gift for YOU! Beautifully crafted from sterling silver, the round ring is engraved with a name at the bottom of the circle and a birthstone accent of personal choosing.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift or just looking for that perfect representation of your own birthstone, we have you covered. Our highly customizable, high quality jewelry offers a variety of options for every occasion. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite – and most memorable – birthstone pieces that will make a statement without breaking the bank.


Our Silver Square Family Birthstone Necklace is the perfect choice for welcoming your first child or your fifth into your family. The square can be customized with the names of all your children and adorned with their unique birthstone in Swarovski crystal.

This gift is great for parents and grandparents alike. And if you’d rather, you can add the names of the proud parents as well!


This Silver Heart Family Birthstone Necklace is another option that allows for up to five names to be added, as well as the birthstones of each person on the pendant. This is a style that lends well to larger families, as the design will highlight each name in a stylish font. It’s a great choice for a grandparent or other family matriarch.

The pendant is constructed with anti-tarnish .925 Sterling Silver and comes with Swarovski crystal gems for each chosen birthstone.


If you want a more subtle way to wear birthstones, our Silver Birthstone Bar Necklace is the way to go. The horizontal bar pendant is an understated and classy way to showcase your family with their personalized birthstones in brilliant Swarovski crystal.

This pendant makes for a wonderful gift for a new mom, a close friend that had a baby or as a gift for a godparent.


This is a great children’s birthstone necklace, as the playful font and cute design is great for any young woman or anyone with feminine taste! The Silver Birthstone Name Necklace is also a great option if you’re looking to buy a personal piece to commemorate your own birthstone in a fun, flirty piece of personalized jewelry!

Beautifully crafted from .925 sterling silver, the name that you choose is accented with a Swarovski birthstone. A matching chain that attaches at each end of the name is included.


This Music Note Necklace is one of our favorite, and most unique pieces. It’s such a lovely design with the musical note that can be engraved with a name of your choice and customized with a crystal birthstone in the curved tail.

This is another design that makes a great birthday gift for a special person in your life. It's a nice way to show your appreciation for a musician or vocalist or even a way to say 'Thank You' to a music teacher.

WHY WE ONLY USE genuine swarovski CRYSTAL

There are many options when it comes to birthstone jewelry but we want you to have the best. That’s why each piece of our Messages in Metal jewelry is crafted with Swarovski crystals. And because all creating and manufacturing is done in-house, Swarovski crystals can be added to any pendant. Choose from hundreds or let us custom design a Messages in Metal birthstone pendant that is completely unique to you!

In 1892, Daniel Swarovski - a skilled glass cutter in Austria – invented a new hydro-electric cutting machine for the purpose of cutting glass. This machine allowed glass to be cut more precisely – and more uniformly – than any human hand. This process gave these crystals a shimmer like no other on the market. His purpose was to “make a diamond for everyone.” To this day, no one can beat their brilliance.

For five generations, the Swarovski family has been crafting these unique gems in their Austrian factory. Today, Swarovski crystals are manufactured using quartz sand and natural minerals. It is impossible to outline the process they use to create such fine gems largely because it is a proprietary process. This process creates beautiful lead glass crystals that have a distinctly silvery shine within them, making them some of the most coveted crystals on Earth.

According to Swarovski,

“Cutting hard materials such as crystal and gems, in such a way that they have a hundred identical facets in several directions, is a very complicated task; each direction of the reflected light must first be calculated by computer, then this has to be simulated in 3D, optimized and finally converted into control programs for complex machinery.”

It might be tempting to go with another, cheaper option for jewelry but this is one time when quality cannot be replicated or imitated. Swarovski’s will out-sparkle and outshine any of their competitors. Many times, other crystals will have bubbles within the stone, leading to a duller finish and less colorful facet.

With their special cutting process, the precision facets on each crystal is uniformly perfect. You’ll never find a lumpy or misshapen gem from them! The sharply cut crystals so are much more brilliant because of it.


There are six of us in the family and the pendant I want only holds four birthstones.  What are my options?

There are a couple of different options. Our Silver Filigree Birthstone Heart Pendant and our Family Tree Birthstone Pendants can both be personalized with up to six birthstones. The Tranquility Birthstone Pendant is another great option and you can choose up to six birthstones as well as six names to be engraved on the pendant. We can also custom create a pendant for you that is exactly what you're look for so give us a call at 1-877-244-9625 or email us at and we will be happy to assist!

Does my birthstone pendant come with a chain?

It sure does! Every personalized birthstone necklace includes your one-of-a-kind birthstone pendant as well as a high quality matching chain. The length of the chain differs depending on which birthstone pendant you personalize but the chains measure anywhere from 18" up to 24". The chains have extenders on the end which allow you to shorten or lengthen the necklace and this gives you great versatility for how your birthstone jewelry is displayed.

How do I know which birthstone goes with which month?

Each product that can be personalized with birthstones has a picture that shows the color of each birthstone and the corresponding month. This makes it easy and hassle free to view the birthstones and know what to expect when your personalized birthstone jewelry arrives.

There are three people in my family born in the same month.  Can I have three of the same color stone?

You absolutely can! We can arrange the stones in whichever order you'd like - birth order, separate stones of the same color, etc. Simply indicate the order of the months when personalizing your birthstone pendant and we will set the birthstones accordingly into the pendant.

What kind of birthstones do you use in your birthstone pendants?

We use only genuine Swarovski birthstones in our personalized birthstone jewelry. With Swarovski birthstones, you are assured not only that you are getting the best quality crystal stones available but also birthstones with unparalleled shine and shimmer. Swarovski crystals are manufactured using quartz sand and natural minerals. Each stones have several precise and uniform facets which gives them their unique shimmer and sparkle.

What all comes in the box with my birthstone pendant?

We want your Messages In Metal experience to be top notch from start to finish. Your birthstone jewelry will arrive in our signature Messages In Metal packaging. You'll find inside the packaging a white presentation box and velvet jeweler's gift box. The birthstone pendant will be beautifully displayed on the platform inside the velvet gift box and the chain secured underneath the platform. We also include a Messages In Metal polishing cloth free of charge.

Watch our video to see what you can expect when your Messages In Metal arrives!

I'm scared the birthstones will fall out of my jewelry!  How do I know they are secure?

We follow the same process for setting our Swarovski birthstones that Swarovski themselves does! We also use Swarovski tools and adhesive to set and secure each birthstone crystal.

Each stone is secured using a time tested process that assures you that your Swarovski birthstones won't fall out. And because we manufacture, package and ship from one location, all of our personalized birthstone jewelry goes through an extensive quality control process before it leaves our facilities.

You don't have exactly what I want. Can you custom design something for me?

Custom designs are our specialty and we would love to work on a unique creation just for you! Send us your idea by email us at or give us a call at 1-877-244-9625. We can collaborate together and come up with a one-of-a-kind personalized necklace made just for you!

How long will it take my birthstone jewelry to get here?

Each birthstone pendant is made to order. Once your order is placed, we begin creating your jewelry. The designing, manufacturing and finishing process takes approximately 2-3 days. We then package your personalized Messages In Metal with our signature packaging and standard shipping is 3-5 business days depending on your location. This means that you could have your personalized birthstone jewelry in approximately 5-7 business days from the time you placed your order.

We do offer expedited shipping. The designing and manufacturing process still takes 2-3 days however once your Messages In Metal selection is finished, we can expedite the shipping to overnight or two day air.

What if I don't like my pendant?  Can I return it?

We truly want you to love your Messages In Metal selection. That being said, sometimes we miss the mark and the jewelry is not as you expected. It's okay! Your satisfaction is most important and we offer a 60 Day No Hassle Return Policy.

If for some reason you don't like your Messages In Metal purchase, you have 60 days from the date of delivery to return your item. Give us a call at 1-877-244-9625 or email us at for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Package and return your purchase with the RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the package. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.


Many times, jewelry is more than just a piece of metal and gem. It is a memory that can last a lifetime. Our birthstone jewelry is another way to personalize the experience for you or your loved ones. While we think you’ll love the choices we offered, there are many others available on our site. Make memories worth having – and keeping – with one of our keepsake items.

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