Personalized US State Necklace: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Jewelry Gift

Looking for unique jewelry gift ideas for friends, family, or yourself? US state necklaces are beautiful jewelry pieces that fit any style. They are specialty made pieces that hold special meaning for the wearer. US state jewelry represents a small part of who you are and where you came from. 

They are ideal for anyone with a love for the US, whether they were born here or not. US state jewelry comes in a variety of different styles and metals and can be customized for your preferences. Below is a guide to choosing a US state necklace.


US state jewelry is jewelry made in the shape of a state. Typically, US state jewelry is made to fit on a chain and worn as a necklace. At Messages in Metal, our state jewelry is custom made to fit your personal preferences. US state jewelry are unique jewelry pieces that hold special meaning behind them. Often, US state jewelry necklaces are given to a person to help remind them of a special state that holds sentimental value for them. 

It may be that this state is a place they have a connection to such as where they were born. Our handmade jewelry state necklaces are crafted into the state of your choosing using the metal of your choosing. Each necklace is custom made to order and delivered right to your door. US state jewelry makes great gifts either for yourself or for loved ones. 


Jewelry has been worn for thousands of years by humans to convey important messages. Jewelry was often worn by notable people in history or aristocratic families to signify wealth or power. Family crest jewelry was and remains popular for displaying your heritage and familial roots. 

Today jewelry is mostly worn for expressing oneself through fashion or for sentimental reasons, like honoring a loved one through wearing heirloom jewelry. US state jewelry can be worn to convey your love for your state and country. It can also represent your pride in your roots by representing the state you were born in. 

For others it may hold sentimental value because it represents the state from which their family originally settled in when they first came to America. There are many special meanings behind US state jewelry, but they differ depending on the person. What your US state jewelry means to you is whatever you want it to mean. 



The birth of a child is a day to celebrate and commemorate. US state necklaces make great birthday gifts for newborn babies. You can purchase a state necklace in the state the baby was born. Then, personalize it with the name and birthdate of the child. US state jewelry are elegant and quality jewelry pieces to give as gifts that will last for years to come. 

Though a newborn is unlikely able to wear the necklace now, they can wear it when they get older. It may become their most prized possession and treated as an heirloom piece to pass down to their relatives. US state jewelry is a fitting gift to give to a newborn to commemorate the day and place of their birth. 


Leaving for college and graduating from college are two very important milestones in any young adult’s life. It’s customary to give gifts on both such occasions. US state jewelry makes an excellent college graduation or leaving for college gift. A US state necklace can be given to commemorate the state where the receiver went to college. 

US state necklaces can be personalized to have the date of the college student’s attendance. It can commemorate the exciting experience of leaving home for the first time and accomplishing years of hard work.

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Getting married is a once in a lifetime event. Brides and grooms will want to commemorate their special day in a very special way. US state jewelry can be given as a gift to do just that. You can gift a jewelry piece in the state of the couple’s marriage engraved with their wedding date. 

An heirloom quality piece of jewelry can be a beautiful way for newlywed couples to remember their special day in the state they were married in. You can purchase a US state jewelry piece for both the bride and groom. It can be personalized to fit their tastes and include their names.


Buying your first home is one of life’s most exciting steppingstones. Having a memento from the special day can be something you take with you, even after you’ve moved on to a new home. A US state necklace in the shape of the state you bought your first home in is the perfect way to celebrate this special steppingstone in your life. A US state necklace makes the perfect housewarming gift for yourself or someone else. 


Those who join the military are brave patriots who deserve to be celebrated. Going on deployment is part of their job but can be lonely. US soldiers are expected to be away from their home and families for months or even years at a time. A US state necklace can make a sentimental deployment gift for military personnel who wants a reminder of the life he or she leaves behind. When they are feeling homesick, they can look at their US state necklace and it will remind them of home. 


Moving to a new state or country to pursue a new job or career is an excellent occasion for gifting US state jewelry. If your friend or coworker is moving on to a new job, one of our trendy necklaces would make a perfect parting gift. You can purchase a US state necklace in the shape of the state they are leaving behind to remember your friendship. You could also choose a necklace in the shape of the state they are moving to wish them well on their next adventure. 


The holidays are ideal times to give gifts. Jewelry made in the shape of a state can make perfect holiday gifts for friends and loved ones. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who takes pride in their state or country. US state jewelry can be great group gifts for grandchildren or nieces and nephews. 

You can gift each grandchild or niece and nephew with a US state necklace in the shape of the state they were born in. Each necklace can be personalized with their name or other special message.


For friends and loved ones who have newly been granted American citizenship, a US state necklace can be especially meaningful. Becoming a citizen is a lengthy process. Not everyone gets granted citizenship, which makes becoming a new American citizen even more of a reason to celebrate. 

Gifting a US state necklace in the shape of the state your new American friend lives in can be an inspiring memento of their journey to citizenship. You can have the necklace engraved with their name and the date of their citizenship. It will be a welcome gift they can cherish for a lifetime.


The 4th of July is a special day in American history where we celebrate our country’s independence. For those who are especially patriotic, a US state jewelry necklace would be the perfect gift to help them celebrate. They can wear their necklace with pride that day and show off the state they are proud to call home. 


There is never a wrong time to gift a US state necklace to your friends or loved ones. Customized jewelry makes a great gift anytime of the year. It’s even a perfect gift for yourself. At Messages in Metal, we carry a variety of popular necklaces that look trendy with any style of dress. US state necklaces can be worn for fun as well as for sentimental reasons. US state jewelry are beautiful pieces of jewelry that can be worn for every occasion. 


US state jewelry can be made in many different types of metals and metal finishes. Some of the options we offer at Messages in Metal include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Sterling silver
  • Solid 14k yellow or white gold
  • Brass
  • Titanium

Each US state pendant necklace comes with a matching, quality made 20-inch chain (other chain options are offered for an additional charge). Our US state jewelry can also have different accents and personalization options. Below are some of the personalization and accent options we offer.

Get more information on lengths and other available selections with our chains and necklaces.


Every US state necklace comes with the option to engrave your own special message, date, or name on the back of the pendant. This can be a meaningful message to the person you’re giving it to or simply their name. Including a special engraved message makes the jewelry piece that much more sentimental. 


Adding a birthstone to your US state necklace adds a touch of sparkle and personalization. Birthstones represent the month of your birth. If purchasing a US state necklace for a birthday gift, adding a birthstone makes the necklace more personal. You can also choose to place the birthstone on the city in the state where you were born. 

You can do the same with a small symbol of your choice. Our custom silver state necklace with tawny resin, for example, includes a small heart symbol that can be placed over the city of your birth. If a heart is not your symbol of choice, you can request a symbol of your choosing. 


Should you want to make your US state necklace more decorative, add a filigree accent design. Our gold plated filigree accent design state pendant necklace features the beautiful filigree accent on the front with option to add engraving on the back. A filigree accent is ideal for someone who likes unique and decorative jewelry. 


Remind yourself of your roots with the US state roots pendant design. The 14k gold and sterling silver necklace features a realistic roots design on the bottom half of your US state pendant. The design is meant to signify that your home state is your roots. Your roots are a big part of who you are. Roots ground us and help us become the people we are today. The roots design US state pendant is a perfect way to honor your home state. 



At Messages in Metal, we can craft a state pendant in any of the 50 states. When choosing your US state jewelry piece, make sure you’re choosing the correct state. If it is for yourself, choose a state that you were born in or one that has special meaning for you (like the state you were married in). 

If you are choosing a US state necklace for someone else, make sure you choose a state that holds a special meeting for them. Double check with them before making your purchase to be sure you have accurate information regarding the state they were born in, married, went to college in, etc. Choosing the right state that holds the most meaning for the jewelry receiver is the most important step when designing your US state jewelry piece. 


Our US state jewelry pendants are available in a variety of different metals and finishes including stealing silver, 14k gold, stainless steel, brass, and titanium. Choosing the right metal finish for your US state jewelry pendant depends on your preferences (or the preferences of the person you’re purchasing it for), your budget, and how well you can take care of your jewelry. 

If you’re purchasing a necklace for a friend, choose a metal or finish you’ve seen them wear frequently. Choosing a metal you know they like means a better chance they will wear it. However, you must also consider your budget. Gold, for example, is much more expensive than silver or stainless steel. If you can’t afford solid gold, consider silver or steel with gold plating or gold finish. These options are both more affordable than solid gold.


US state jewelry can be customized with different accents such as a filigree design, colored resin filling, or roots metal design. If you’re purchasing US state jewelry for a friend or loved one, consider which accent they may prefer. For example, if you are buying them US state jewelry as a birthday gift, consider adding a birthstone placed on the city in the state they were born in. But if you have a friend who prefers intricate designs and feminine jewelry, consider adding a filigree design to your US state jewelry piece. Adding an accent to your jewelry piece makes it more special for the receiver.


US state jewelry pendants offer you the option to include a personal engraving on the back. This engraving can be whatever you choose (if it is under a certain word count, engraving space is limited). It’s common for people to engrave the name of the jewelry recipient on the back of the pendant but that’s not your only option. 

You can instead choose to write a simple message such as “I love you”, “To my best friend”, “From Grandma with love”, or “Happy Birthday”. You could also choose to engrave the name of the state represented by the jewelry pendant or your favorite short quote. Decide what message would hold the most meaning for you or the person you are purchasing the necklace for. 


When you purchase a US state necklace from Messages in Metal, you will receive a free matching 20-inch chain with your purchase. However, we offer different chain styles to suit every person's preference. Below are some of the chain style options to choose from. 


The coreana chain originally stems from Italy and is also referred to as the popcorn chain. It gets this nickname due to its puffy chain link style that to some resembles a popcorn garland. The coreana chain is a lightweight, tubular chain that’s linked together in a series of identical convex metal pieces. This style of chain is popular for pendant necklaces and works well for casual or dressy attire. 


The rope chain is another common chain style that looks like strands of metal woven together, like a rope. Each tiny metal piece is carefully linked together to resemble a rope like pattern. Rope chains are generally more expensive because of the detail and time that goes into creating them. Rope chains are beautiful for wearing every day or with more elegant clothing. 


Box chain necklaces are popular in women’s jewelry. These chains are made by connecting small square pieces of metal that resemble boxes, hence the name. Box chains have a smooth, minimalist appearance that make them ideal for casual wear. If you or the US state jewelry recipient prefer modern or minimalist jewelry, the box chain is a good choice. 


The snake chain is one of the most popular and easily recognizable jewelry chains in women’s fashion. It’s called a snake chain because of its smooth, snake-like appearance. Snake chains are a tubular chain with close fitting interlocking links of smooth, round rings. Snake chains feel smooth between your fingers with no break in between chain links. These types of chains don’t tangle easily making them ideal for casual wear or those who have active lifestyles. 


The curb chain is the most popular chain style in men’s jewelry. Also known as the Cuban chain, the curb chain is linked together like a cable chain. However, each metal link is first flattened and twisted so that when worn, it lays flat against your skin. The links are all identical in size. You can find curb chains that vary in width from a few millimeters to an inch or more. 

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Necklace chains come in different lengths that are appropriate for different occasions, styles, or personality types. Below are some of the chain lengths we offer at Messages in Metal. 

14-16”: 14-16” length chains fit around the neck and just above the collarbone. These chain lengths are best suited for choker style necklaces. Choker style necklaces are a trendy jewelry style in women’s fashion for younger women. However, they may be uncomfortable for some women as they may fit too tightly around the neck. Typically, choker style chain lengths are not worn by men. 

18”: The 18” style chain, known as the princess chain, is the most popular chain necklace length. It fits right at the collarbone and is ideal for wearing with a pendant. The princess style chain looks great on women of all ages. 18” necklaces are perfect for those who prefer minimalist style jewelry. It is long enough to be visible yet not long enough to possibly get caught on something when bending over. 

20-24”: 20-24” necklace length fits below the collarbone and just above the bust. It’s a popular jewelry chain length for wearing pendants or for making a statement. For men, this is the most common preferred chain length. 

26-36”: 26-36” chain lengths, also known as the opera style length, fits at the bust and below. It’s the perfect length for layering with other necklaces. It can also be worn as a statement piece. Long chain necklaces are ideal for those who prefer maximalist fashion. However, it is not ideal for those with an active lifestyle as longer chains are more prone to getting caught on something. 

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Specialty online jewelry stores like Messages in Metal may offer US state jewelry. US state jewelry is a unique jewelry design not found in most major retail stores. At Messages in Metal, each US state jewelry piece is made to order with your custom personalization. 

These personalization options may differ between different online jewelry retailers. A quick Google search may help you compare online jewelry retailers to find one that fits your preferences for US state jewelry. 


Local jewelers who handcraft their own jewelry in house may be able to design a custom US state necklace for you. These jewelers will likely be more expensive, but you may be able to have more control over the design and accents. Check out local jewelers near you and ask if they take commissions for personalized jewelry. 


Local craft fairs are a great way to meet local artists and jewelry makers. Most jewelry makers offer handmade jewelry pieces that are unlike jewelry pieces you can find in retail stores. A local jewelry maker may be willing to commission a special jewelry request from you. 

As with your local jeweler, a jewelry maker may be a more expensive option than Messages in Metal (or other online jewelry stores). However, you may have more choice over personalization and customization of your jewelry piece. 


Etsy is an online marketplace that showcases handmade products. There are thousands of jewelry makers on the platform from all over the world that hand make and customize unique jewelry pieces. You may be able to find a jeweler on Etsy that can design and make US state jewelry. Like Messages in Metal, most Etsy sellers can customize and personalize your jewelry piece to make it more special. 



US state necklaces with a matching metal chain look great on their own. The US state pendant provides enough bling without being too distracting. You can wear your state necklace with casual or dressy casual attire for a simple, yet elegant jewelry look. It will also pair well with a pair of stud earrings. 


Our US state necklaces come with a free, simple matching metal chain. It can work great as a layering necklace. Make your US state necklace the most visible necklace on your neck by layering with simple chain necklaces of varying lengths. Too many charms or pendants may overpower your US state pendant and look too distracting. For a more put-together look, opt for chains of the same metal type or color. 


If you have more than one state that holds special meaning to you, wear them at once. You can add multiple US state pendants to one chain and wear it like a charm necklace. You could also wear each state pendant on chains of different lengths and layer them to make a statement. 


If you want to wear multiple state pendants at once but don’t want to layer them on your neck, wear them on a charm bracelet instead. You can add jump rings or lobster claw attachments to your US state jewelry pendants so they will attach more easily to a charm bracelet. In this way, you can wear multiple state pendants at once without them being too distracting on your neck. 


Your birthday party is the perfect place to show off your US state jewelry pendant. A US state jewelry pendant represents your roots. Why not show off your birthplace at your own birthday party? Your US state necklace can be an icebreaker and show off your personal style at the same time. 


Independence Day is the perfect time to wear your US state jewelry pendant to show pride for your country and state. You can also wear it to local fairs or on local holidays to celebrate your hometown. 


To keep your US state jewelry in pristine condition, it’s recommended to clean your jewelry once a week, bi-weekly, or at the very least once a month. Over time, jewelry can become dirty or tarnish due to moisture, acid, and oils in the air. These elements react with metal in your jewelry, causing them to rust or tarnish. 

Fortunately, regular cleaning and proper jewelry care can prevent this from happening to your jewelry. Follow the steps and tips below for properly caring for your US state jewelry. 

  1. Use a dry lint free cloth to clean your jewelry gently and thoroughly. Use light pressure to rub away at any oils or residue. Do your best to clean small crevices and jewelry edges. 
  2. Next, use the same cloth and dampen it with a quality jewelry cleaner to remove more residue or rust. You may also use a soft bristle brush to scrub away at hard to remove residue or rust. 
  3. Rinse your jewelry in cold water to remove excess jewelry cleaner and dirt or residue. 
  4. Lay out your jewelry on a dry soft cloth to dry. Wait until your jewelry is completely dry before putting it away in a jewelry case or wearing it. 


Keep your jewelry in top condition by storing it in a cool, dry place. If you store it in a jewelry box or case, make sure it is stored in a cool dry place. Don’t store it in your bathroom which may be more humid due to moisture and steam in the air from your shower or bath. 

Don’t use harsh chemicals to clean your jewelry. These chemicals may react with the metal and cause damage. Use only water and baking soda or a quality jewelry cleaning solution to clean your jewelry. 

When getting ready for the day, put your jewelry on last. Doing so will give your body more time to absorb any lotions or perfumes you may put on daily. Some lotions and perfumes may negatively react with your jewelry. 

Don’t wear your jewelry in the water. Make sure to remove all your jewelry prior to swimming in the pool or jumping in a shower or bath. Too much moisture can cause your metal jewelry to rust. Also, consider taking your jewelry off when washing dishes as the water and soap may react with the metal in your rings or bracelets. 

Avoid wearing gold plated jewelry with other types of metals or sharp stones. There is a possibility that your gold-plated jewelry may get scratched if they come into contact with another metal or stone. 

WHAT OTHER JEWELRY OPTIONS are there for celebrating  YOUR STATE?

If jewelry made in the shape of a state isn’t your style, there are other jewelry options for celebrating your special state. You can celebrate your special state with engravings and designs on different types of jewelry. Below are some other jewelry options to consider if you want something other than US state jewelry. 


Cuff rings are a trendy jewelry style typically worn on your thumb or ring finger. At Messages in Metal, our cuff rings are made with different types of metals and feature various designs. We also offer engraving on the underside of your cuff ring. You can use this engraving space to engrave the name of a state that is special to you. 

We also offer a cuff ring option with a simple star design that can represent the stars on the US flag. You can wear your custom-engraved star design cuff ring as a symbol of love for your country and state. 


Name necklaces are necklaces made to spell out your name. However, at Messages in Metal, we can craft any name necklace to spell the name of your chosen state. Instead of wearing a necklace with your own name, wear a necklace with the name of your state. 

You can also choose a red or blue resin pendant filling for a more patriotic look, like our solid gold 14k name necklace with iris resin. You also have the option of adding engraving on the backside of your name necklace. In this space, you can engrave the name of the necklace recipient or a short special message. 


Coin rings are rings that are made from real US half dollar coins. At Messages in Metal, we have a variety of coins to choose from in varying metals. US coin rings can represent your patriotism to your country, much like state necklaces can. Although we don’t offer coins for specific states, you can wear your US coin ring as a symbol of patriotism and love for your state and country. 


Why would you want a piece of state jewelry?

A piece of US state jewelry can be meaningful in many ways. State jewelry can represent the place you were born, where you went to college, where you got married, and so much more. State jewelry can be given as a way to congratulate someone on their birthday or help them remember their home when they move far away. It can also be a symbol of patriotism for those who want to honor their homeland. 

Where can I purchase a piece of jewelry shaped like a state?

US state jewelry is a unique jewelry design only found in specialty stores or custom-made. You can find US state jewelry on online jewelry stores like Messages in Metal. You may also be able to commission US state jewelry from local jewelers or local jewelry makers who specialize in handmade jewelry. 

Can I wear multiple states on my necklace?

You can wear as many states on your necklace chain as you prefer. There is no right or wrong way to wear jewelry, especially if it is yours. You may consider wearing multiple states on your necklace if you have a connection with more than one state. For example, you may have been born in Virginia but went to college in Maine or got married in California. You may also choose to turn your US state jewelry into jewelry charms to place on a charm bracelet. In this way you can wear several states on your person at the same time. 

How long does it take to make a piece of state jewelry?

How long it takes to make your custom jewelry order will depend on where you buy your US state jewelry from. At Messages in Metal, we specialize in making custom US state jewelry. We can design and ship your order within 2-3 days. Standard shipping times vary but most jewelry orders arrive within a week of placing your order. 

What is the best way to clean my jewelry?

The best way to clean your jewelry is to use a soft dry cloth to remove and polish off any residue or dirt. You can then dampen the cloth with jewelry cleaner to further remove rust or residue. Rinse your jewelry with cool, clean water then dry with a clean, lint free cloth. Let your jewelry continue to air dry before putting it away or wearing it. Jewelry should ideally be cleaned once to two times a week to keep it in ideal condition. 


US state jewelry is jewelry with meaning. It is a unique jewelry gift for people of all ages and genders. US state jewelry represents love for one’s country and home state. At Messages in Metal, we help you design your US state jewelry to uniquely fit you.

January 16, 2023 by Conor Daniels