Selecting a Music-Related Gift That Strikes the Right Note

PERSONALIZED music note necklaces FOR EVERYONE

A love for music is something that most of us share and have a passion for. Whether we are musically inclined, are musical performers or love belting out tunes with the windows down on the back roads, music creates a tie that binds. Why not celebrate that passion for music with beautifully designed musical note necklaces!

Personalized music note jewelry is a great gift idea for any music lover. Whether you’re searching for a gift for a music teacher, a performer or a good friend that always has the radio playing, we’ve got a complete guide to help you choose the music note jewelry that will suit them perfectly.


The way we perceive music is different for every individual and our styles of personalized music note jewelry is different also. A wide assortment of pendants with unique finishes and accents means that you can customize your jewelry to be personal to the recipient. From styles with names to birthstones and two-piece personalized pendants, there's something for every person on your music lovers gift list!


The Music Note With Name personalized necklace is ideal for both men and women. It is available in .925 sterling silver and 24k gold plated. Personalize the pendant with a name, and you can even add a birthstone at the bottom of the treble clef.

We do not restrict the pendant to certain music or professions within the industry. This makes the personalized jewelry a great gift idea for a teacher or instructor as well as a music student or anyone in your life that has a passion for music.

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The Songs Music Note Name Necklace is available in both sterling silver and 24k gold plated. The necklace has a textured front which gives this understated pendant great depth and dimension. Personalize the jewelry with a single initial on the bottom of the treble clef pendant.

This necklace is a terrific choice for someone looking for a musically themed gift and wants to keep the personalization simple.  The necklace and pendant combination are the ideal gifts for any music lover in your life.

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The Silver Make Music Note Necklace is a uniquely designed pendant and available only in sterling silver. The rectangular shape has a textured background and we milled the musical note into the surface of the pendant. You can personalize the pendant by adding a name underneath the music note.

The weight and design of the jewelry gives it a more masculine look and feel. The pendant would be a superb gift idea for a member of a band, a lead singer or even a male vocal coach.

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The Musician personalized music note jewelry brings a pop of color as well as several options to make it unique. Available in sterling silver, 14k gold plated and rose gold plated, we also accented the necklace on the face with silver, gold and rose resin. You can personalize the treble clef at the center of the pendant with the name of your choice.

The pendant is an oversized statement piece. It would be ideal for those that have a vibrant and bold personality such as a folk singer, a theatrical performer or any music lover in your life that commands attention on the stage.

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The Color of Music Note Necklace with an engraved name is an artistic way to express a love for music. The rectangular style pendant is made of sterling silver and copper and has a blue resin background. The multiple colors create great contrast and the copper will patina over time, giving the pendant a modern look and appeal. A name can be added to personalize further.

The necklace has sterling silver rivets which add weight and dimension to the pendant. This would be a great gift idea for the professional musician, a music student or any music lover that likes something that is one of a kind and unique.

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The Making Music personalized necklace is a two-tone, two-piece pendant. The pendant features a sterling silver rectangle with a 24-gold plated textured music note on top of the rectangle. The high shine of the necklace makes it very eye-catching, and you can personalize further by engraving the upper corner of the rectangle.

The Making Music personalize necklace brings versatility due to the two-tone nature of the pendant. Ideally, for women, the pendant will go with everything and is a go-to gift for a female vocal coach or instructor, a singer or someone who loves to sing along with the radio.

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The Pearled Music Note name necklace is an oval-shaped pendant available in sterling silver and 24k gold. The mother-of-pearl resin gives the pendant a soft and feminine appeal, and we can personalize a name on the bottom of the pendant.

The necklace is smaller in nature and has an intimate and personal look and feel.  Ideal for women, gift the jewelry to a music lover that is more reserved and has understated and simple tastes.

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The Copper Musical Note personalized name necklace features a dog tag style pendant made from copper and black powder coated aluminum. The pendant has great contrast, and the copper rivets gives it a trendy look that allows the black coated note at the center to steal the show.  We can engrave a name to the left of the note on the copper background.

The Copper Musical Note personalized jewelry has a more masculine look and appeal and a heavier weight.  The pendant is ideal for the male musician, instructor or performer with a big personality and that is the star of the show.

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CLEANING music note personalized JEWELRY

The steps to cleaning personalized music note name jewelry are easy to follow and will help to keep your music note necklace looking its best for years to come.


Using a flat surface, lay the necklace on a dry cloth.


Using a jeweler's cloth, wipe the chain and pendant to remove any build-up on the surface.


Wet the cloth with a small amount of jeweler’s polishing solution or water and dish soap.  Using a circular motion, polish the chain and the pendant.  Be gentle around the corners of the pendant and any stones to prevent the cloth from snagging.


Rinse your jewelry in water and remove all cleaning solution and residue.


Dry your necklace and pendant using a dry lint-free cloth or a jeweler’s cloth.  Do NOT use paper towels as they can scratch the finish of the jewelry.


You have many opportunities to gift music note personalized jewelry as a meaningful gift, and we have great ideas and suggestions.


Gift a Gold Music Note Necklace with their name and add their birthstone to show them how much you love and appreciate their talent.


Congratulate them on a stellar musical performance with the Silver and Gold Making Music Necklace personalized with the date of their performance instead of their name.


Let that music instructor know how much of an impact they made by giving them the Silver Songs Name Necklace that is personalized with your initial.


Give that musical graduate a gift they’ll treasure always with the Rose Gold Musician Name Necklace personalized with the name of their school, college or date of graduation.


Shower them with praise for a job well done and gift your favorite lead or back-up singer or musician the Silver Make Music Note Necklace with Name.


Make senior night extra special and give your senior a one of kind musical memory with the Sterling Silver Color of Music Note Necklace with Name.


Honor the birth of a child for that music lover or music instructor mom with the Silver Pearled Music Note Necklace personalized with her child’s name.


Give them a visual ‘Encore!” to celebrate their first singing solo with the Copper Musical Note Necklace personalized with their name or the date of their performance.


Want to know what to expect when you receive your music note personalized jewelry? We can't show you exactly what your pendant will look like but we can tell you what's in the box!

FAQ'S ABOUT music note personalized jewelry

We understand you may have questions and we have your answers!

How many characters can I have engraved?

We can personalize most music note pendants up to twelve characters.  However, we can sometimes add more. Email us at or call us at 1-877-244-9625 and let us know what you’re looking for and we will make it happen.

What is the length of the necklace?

All our music note personalized jewelry includes a 20” high-quality matching chain plus a 2” extension.  This makes the finished length of the chain 20” - 22” depending on the use of the extension.

Can I get a date engraved instead of a name?

You sure can!  Simply put the date in the name field when placing your order and we will engrave it as requested.  Or you can always email us at or call us at 1-877-244-9625 and we can take your order over the phone.

Can I shower with my music note jewelry on?

We recommend that you don’t bathe or shower with your pendant.  Shampoos and soaps can damage the integrity of the metal over time. Make sure to read "Cleaning music note personalized jewelry" up top!

How big is the pendant?

Most of our pendants are about 1” to 1-1/2” tall.  Every pendant varies in size and you can find exact dimensions of each product on the individual product pages.

I have a bigger body frame and feel like a thin pendant will look too delicate. How thick is the music note?

All of our personalized music note jewelry is a minimum of 1 mm in thickness which exceeds the industry standards.  Some of the heavier pieces such as the Sterling Silver Color of Music Note Necklace with Name are 2 mm in thickness.

At Messages in Metal, we make it easy to choose the personalized music note jewelry for that musician, music instructor or that music lover in your life. Click here to see our complete selection of music note personalized necklaces. And your purchase is always risk-free and hassle-free with fast shipping!

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By Conor Daniels on April 30, 2019