2021 Name Necklace Trends


The name necklace has been a cultural landmark for decades. And now it has shot to the forefront of fashion once again. From the history of the popular piece of jewelry to the celebrities who've been wearing them through the ages, this article will tell you everything you need to know about customized name jewelry, including how they can fit every budget. 

THE BIRTH OF A fashion and cultural STAPLE

Before we go further into celebrity name necklace trends from the past and in 2021, let's break down how name jewelry came about. Nameplate jewelry is not simply about accessorizing. Its various designs and arrangements are deep rooted in Black and Latin culture. 

Personalized name bar jewelry symbolizes the importance of identity in one's name. From a coming of age symbol for Latinas to some of the most defining imagery of the birth of hip hop in the 1980s, a name plate necklace emerged as a piece worn with pride. In other words, these pieces are a statement of existence, survival, and dignity. 

Customized name jewelry in 2021 reflects the same sentiment to many individuals, though nowadays, the trend of wearing your or someone else's name is found in the most mainstream fashion brands.

The irony is not lost regarding those who do not recognize the true story behind name jewelry. So now, when you rock a glamorous, minimalist, or funky name plate, you know the rich history behind the trend.


The 1980's hip hop scene in New York is not the only place we see these personalized name accessories throughout history. The furthest back we know of is ancient Egypt.

The wealthy people of Egypt wore similar chains to reflect social status. The elite would wear these pieces as a representation of their wealth and in some cases, their closeness to God. 

We also see family crests throughout the 1800s. Wealthy women would often wear name necklaces around their necks. Engraved on these Victorian women’s necklaces would be their family crest.

Similar to the ancient Egyptians, this was a sign of social status and wealth. These women were representing their family proudly if they were in the realms of high society. 

WHAT MAKES name necklaces SO POPULAR?

So we've gone over the origin story of name plate necklaces. But what about today's popularity? Why are name necklaces that are popular in 2021 so relevant? There are many reasons, including fashion trends, celebrities, identity, and more. Let's take a look:


2000s trends are officially back, so we can all hit reboot on our fun accessories. Popular brands in the 2000s and 2021 have embraced name jewelry as a key component of their fashion lines.

These are mostly seen through name logo pieces, including one of the most iconic brand name jewelry pieces that have hit the market again thanks to Kimora Lee Simmons of Baby Phat. Other fashion brands that have taken on their own version of the popular accessory style are Fendi, Chanel, and Versace. 


Personalized name necklaces grew to represent luxury and wealth. Even in ancient Egypt, people would wear similar gold chain jewelry that symbolized royalty, riches, and being closer to God. But this is primarily seen through the rise of hip hop into the mainstream.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, music videos from popular rap and r&b artists include the flaunting of personalized chains. The classic story of "rags to riches" is deeply embedded in this aesthetic and continues to this day.


Arguably one of the best aspects of custom name jewelry is that it's made its way throughout numerous cultures and interests. Name necklaces will work well with any look, whether you're a punk kid, a peppy prep, or a fashionista sporting the most avant-garde of clothing pieces. You can design a uniquely personalized piece. 

Countless designs and styles are fitting for a name necklace. But which is best for you? Here are some fantastic ideas for your purchase:

Use Your Own Name

Say it loud and proud as you go about your day, or use it as a fun accessory for an event that no one else will have. Engraving your own name on a piece of jewelry and wearing it is an empowering experience.

Design Friendship Bracelets

Who is your BFF? Everyone needs to know. Friendship bracelets are easy to make and you find the kits in almost any craft store. Wear matching best friends forever jewelry pieces when you move away from your bestie.

Engrave Your Child's Name Or Initials

Any parent knows that unconditional love for their children is forever. For new parents or empty nesters, a name plate with your kid's initials or name is a great way to hold them closer to your heart when you're apart.

Add A Birthstone

Find an accessory that is truly yours by adding a gemstone accent to your customized jewelry. Birthstones add a pop of color and special meaning to any name jewelry. Check out this Silver Birthstone Brilliant Name Necklace. 

Honor A Loved One Or Pet

When a loved one passes away, having their name on a keepsake can bring comfort. And, you can honor your late pet or have your new puppy's name carved onto your jewelry piece to look back on the memories.

Perfect For Couples

Nothing says romance like wearing a couple's name jewelry. Ideal as a gift for newlyweds, as an anniversary gift to a spouse or just to show them a little love on a special day. Keep your other half close to your heart at all times!


Celebrity name necklaces are everywhere and in every decade. Red carpets, award shows, music videos, television shows, movies, runways, and much more are all locations where the elite and famous rock their names.

Notable characters wearing their own name are found in Sex in the City, Gossip Girl, Mean Girls, and plenty more. And if you put on pretty much any mainstream rap video from 2000-2007, you'll see celebs and their entourage decked out in the popular jewelry. 


Just because the 1980s helped the fashion world with the name necklace doesn't mean designs have stayed the same since decades ago. There are vast differences in what we see today in these items, including:

  • Birthstones, gemstones and multi-named
  • Font styles and sizes and material type
  • Style of necklace, high end or lower prices
  • Decade styles, minimalist styles
  • Flashy and glamorous styles
  • Religious and identity based designs


2021 is all about identity, and what better way to embrace it than to wear your name? It's self expression at its finest. Whether you're still finding yourself or you've known yourself for quite some time, you can embrace your identity with a name necklace.

It's also a great opportunity to express nicknames, family names or even that hashtag that your friends identify with when it comes to you. Name necklaces are a terrific way to be personally expressive and truly there are no rules or limits to what you can do.


Giving someone a personalized name plate necklace or other jewelry is a great way to make an impression with a meaningful gift. A super way to show a best friend how much the friendship means or even as a thank you to someone that was there for them when you were in need, you can truly personalize your selection to reflect your gratitude.

Name jewelry is also a great option for that person in your life that has well - everything! Recognize their uniqueness with a specially designed name necklace that will let them know how mu

NAME NECKLACES include a wide range OF JEWELRY

There are not many universally cherished items in fashion these days, but one thing will always fit any aesthetic: name jewelry. Here are some of the most loved designs and styles:


First or last name initials on a necklace are a popular way to wear your name while preserving a bit of mystery. Anyone wanting to wear a name proudly without exposing the explicit meaning would love these styles of name necklaces. They also make a great gift for anyone who loves something clean and understated.

And you aren't bound to choose the initial of the first name. Many people identify with their last name, a middle initial or even intials that encompass the first and middle name. Don't be afraid to think outside the box!


For those looking for a slightly more dynamic design, consider a monogram necklace. Pendants with a personalized logo combining two or three letter initials are seen everywhere you go for a reason.

They’re unique, popular, and come in various materials. This Rose Gold Monogrammed Round Personalized Necklace puts anyone's initials on display in a fabulous way. Think bridal party gift, a surprise for your mother in law or a baby gift for that new mom!


Gold, silver, or other metal bars are great for engravings on name plates. These styles are sleek and very popular among celebrities. Alternatively, you can choose to only display your name with the material as opposed to a carved text.

This is a great idea for the younger generation as well. A young woman turning 16, for a confirmation gift or even as a gift for the high school graduate. You can choose their name, a last name or even a word that you feel defines them. Look at this stunning Jolly Gold Name Bar Necklace as an example. 


Similar to a pendant, name tags are commonly seen on jewelry. Take a look at this Copper Cheery Personalized Name Necklace as an idea. Or check out this Silver Running Name and Number Dog Tag Necklace for athletes. Dog tag styles are great gifts for people who prefer a more masculine look.

It's also a good idea to think about how you can further personalize the selection. Maybe they had a favorite sports quote or verse that held special meaning. Maybe it was their position on the team or a nickname amongst friends. Adding engraved text to the back is a great way to up the personal nature ante of the name jewelry.


One trend that's back is the homemade beaded necklace. There are even brands that make them for you! Whether you make a pair of DIY name necklaces or one bought from the store, it's about time to rock those lettered beads once again.

And why not make it a group project! This is an ideal way to get together with some girlfriends, have a date with your daughter or even to do during the occasions when the whole family is together. Draw names from a hat, spark your creativity and take part in a fun homemade craft project!


This is for anyone craving some luxury. As one of the most popular name necklace designs worn by celebrities, diamonds create a flashy and glamorous look for anyone. And if you have the cash to spend, diamonds are pretty much foolproof for romantic gifts.

Whenever you're spending a little more such as with diamonds or any sort of precious or semi-precious gemstone, always be sure to do your homework. There are also all sorts of diamond alternatives out there that give you the luxury of diamond jewelry at a fra


Do you love diamonds but are looking for name necklaces on a budget? Crystal accents on your jewelry is the way to go. There are a ton of other reasons to choose crystals instead of diamonds aside from the price. Take a look at the case for crystals here.

One of the great options with crystals is the ability to mix and match and go for that splash of color. Whether you're choosing birthstones, your favorite colors or simply trying to jazz up your wardrobe, crystals can give you that little extra edge you're looking for.


Wooden name necklaces are great for people who like masculine, laid back, boho, or surfer styles. You can find many different varieties of wood to select from and most craft stores have a varied collection of different shapes, styles, colors and more.

Wood name necklaces are also a great way to get others involved in a craft project. Whether it's a middle schooler with her first crush, a babysitter looking to let the kids make something cool for mom or even a way to try your hand at stringing beads, the options are truly endless.


Rings, bracelets, keychains, and earrings are all great ideas for name jewelry. The wide variety of styles means that you can pick and choose what appeals to your own sense of style and customize them to reflect the name or names that are most important to you.

Do consider your lifestyle when choosing from other styles. For those that have jewelry restrictions at works or that do a lot of traveling, consider keychains. For those that are minimalists when it comes to accessorizing, a single statement ring

WHO CAN wear name necklaces ?

Name necklaces are worn by all types of people. Not only do they serve as a great way for children to show some identity but name necklaces are also ideal for adults, couples, parents and even grandparents.

Name jewelry is a great way to recognize the special relationships in our lives. Sisters, best friends, cousins and even the whole family can choose name necklaces that show the special bond that they share.


Celebrity name necklace trends over the years have shaped what the general public wears. From celebrity couples' name necklaces, initial necklaces, and more, those in the spotlight have worn it all. Here are some fabulous celebs who will inspire you to get your own name jewelry!


Her debut in the famous group Destiny's Child showcased the singer in a way that no one would ever forget. She was clearly a star, and as she skyrocketed in popularity, so did her style trends. She, Kelly, and Michelle all wore name necklaces with the initials "DC" on them for Destiny's Child.

Further in her career, Queen B has dawned many others, including her nickname, "Yonce," and one of the most treasured aspects of her identity today: "Mommy."


When Carrie Bradshaw in Sex In The City, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, showed up in her signature name necklace in almost all episodes, it became a leading trend. Copy her timeless look with this Gold Brilliant Name Necklace. 


The Latina that stops for no one has created her own trademark style of sequins and showmanship. When she was Jenny from the block, this diva rocked a silver name plate necklace with the word "Bella" on it, which translates to "beautiful" in English.

Decades later, Jennifer Lopez still loves her name necklaces. Her newest boo, Ben Affleck's name, is on her recent piece of jewelry worn in Italy.


Kim Kardashian is well known for the name plate jewelry. She owns necklaces with her children's names most recently. However, the entire family has been seen wearing their custom jewels. A notable example is Kourtney Kardashian's name plate that spells out the word "sister."


In the beloved hip hop dance move, Honey, Jessica Alba wears a chunky style name plate in her hoop earrings. Lettering inside of gold hoops is shown throughout hip hop culture. 


The woman who married royalty likes to wear small monogram discs with her children's initials on them. The discs read "G" for Prince George, "C" for Princess Charlotte, and "L" for Prince Louis. She is seen wearing this custom jewelry during a tour of the United Kingdom and online as she discusses her charity work.


Speaking of royalty, the newest woman to marry into the elite British family was showcasing her couples jewelry in 2016, though her relationship with Prince Harry was only rumored at the time. Her piece has both hers and Harry's initials on display. 


The supermodel sisters are undoubtedly fashion icons in 2021. Both ladies have been open about their name jewelry. Gigi currently owns a name necklace with her daughter's name on it that she wore with pride only a few months ago this year at Milan Fashion week. She also has a pair of hoop earrings with her name and her baby daddy, Zayn Malik's name on them.

Bella Hadid shows off her name necklaces on her Instagram, as well as being captured by the paparazzi. She owns a pendant with the letter "B," a full text of her first name, and even one with the year she was born: 1996.


While Justin Bieber has been seen wearing name necklaces, his wife, Hailey, has taken name jewelry to the next level. When the model married the love of her life, she decided to take his last name and wear it with pride. The diamond name plate and chain is a gorgeous piece of jewelry she will certainly cherish forever. 


The 80s icon has been known to wear name necklaces and the symbol for his name on necklaces from the beginning until the end of his career. The artist did the unthinkable by turning his name into a symbol combining the male and female symbol into one glamorous representation of Prince. He wore it on jewelry nearly everywhere he went.


The gorgeous Amber Rose has always been turned to for fashion advice. She's one of those celebs who wore their nickname on a nameplate. She wore the text "Miss Rose" on the red carpet at the BET awards!


Female rap star Lil' Kim shows off her name all the time. She has a sexy and blinged out name plate and chain with her rap name front and center.


Models and actresses are always wearing their names, and there is no exception when it comes to Kaia Gerber. Her name necklace style is on the minimalist side of design, allowing the letters to speak for themselves without the flashiness. We've recently seen her in a monogrammed style piece!


Another actress and model, Emily Ratajkowski, rocks a high end name plate, always with a simple and sophisticated outfit. We wouldn't expect anything less from the Blurred Lines music video star. 


Vanessa Hudgens has a new love for beaded lettering. Though it looks like it is homemade, her trendiness is on point with store bought beaded name necklaces. She probably grew up making them herself! Did you? Bust out the DIY project table and get started. 


Another celebrity who is not afraid to push the limit when it comes to fashion and signature looks has been sporting some seriously cute accessories lately. Alongside her chunky and funky oversized rings, her latest find is a name bracelet made with beads. 


Singer, designer, and all around baddie, Rhianna does it big when it comes to jewelry. And name necklaces are no exception. She's recently been seen with her designer brand's name, "Fenty," swinging around her neck. 


Another female hip hop artist, Nicki Minaj, has her own take on name plate necklaces. Her debut album put her attitude, girliness, and tough shell on display. And when she was seen on the red carpet, the public saw the text, "Barbs," written in big gold lettering around her neck and attached to a gold chain with diamond accents. This is a tribute to her top fans, the "barbs."


The late legend Tupac Shakur owned his signature style as well. The man who brought California Love across the globe wasn't only known for his studded nose ring. He was also a fan of a classic name plate. He wore a big and bolded gold necklace with nothing other than the label he remained loyal to until he passed away: Death Row Records.


Let's move some miles from the city of Compton to the shores of Laguna Beach. Lauren Conrad may have been a mere MTV reality TV cast member, but her fame blew up when she chose love over her fashion career. But just because she put romance above pursuing design doesn't mean her looks were lacking at all. She wore a name plate as well!


The singer songwriter has worn several name jewelry pieces, but the one most famous is from her song, "Call It What You Want." Later revealed to be a Tiffany's initial disc necklace, the jewelry Taylor Swift sings about is found in the bridge of the song:

"I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck, chain round my neck; Not because he owns me, but 'cause he really knows me; Which is more than they can say"


The legendary pop star showed the world her name plate necklace a few years back. It has the lettering "MAMBO" on it, which is her nickname from her children. She also put out her own jewelry collections with several customizable nameplates. 


Adele is another celebrity singer who wears a nameplate of her child's name around her neck. She loves to wear her son's name, "Angelo." 


The rapper gained full celebrity status during the 2000s era of rapping about riches. Needless to say, 50 Cent has what seems like endless bling. Some notable name jewelry that he wore read "G Unit" and, of course, "50 Cent."


Chains with stage names are nothing new to hip hop artists. Soulja boy's gigantic gold name plate necklace is just as iconic as the Soulja Boy dance. 


The sports world has a lot of influence on fashion trends these days, and college football players are celebrities on campus and on TV. One famous way college athletes have worn their university's name plate is by creating the "turnover chain." Every time a defensive player forces a turnover (for non sports fans: gets their team the ball), they go through the ritual of wearing the chain.

If you’re looking for ideas on gifts for athletes, check out these awesome picks!


You don't need to be a hotshot athlete or famous rapper to afford a one of a kind name necklace. There are plenty of options nowadays to make your piece of jewelry unique and fit your personal style. Here are some options to find your name jewelry find:


There are endless options to choose from online when it comes to finding the best name necklace or another jewelry piece for you. But remember that it's important to find a company that will put much thought and care into your item.

Messages In Metal is a great example of an online shop you can rely on to provide top quality name jewelry pieces that are trending in 2021. They even make a compelling case against diamonds and for gemstones here. Other unique ideas for name plates can be found by artists on Etsy. 


Another way to find name necklaces is to browse the local jewelry shops at the mall. Large retailers like Macy's, Nordstrom, and Target will have some name plates. But unfortunately, if you don't have a traditionally "white" sounding name, you may not find your next buy.

Try local shops that will customize exactly what you prefer to have on your piece of jewelry. 


Be on the lookout for local craft shows coming to an area near you. You can find amazing items you can't find anywhere else, and you may also be inspired to custom make your own.


There are countless DIY projects dedicated to perfecting the best name plate jewelry. Search YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram for inspiration and tutorials! Here is a classic styled cursive letter necklace to check out for yourself. 

If you're not the best self taught crafter, or if you need help with materials, you may still make your own jewelry. Local community colleges and universities have classes for people wanting to learn how to make name necklaces and other forms of jewelry. Another option is to see if your local community center or library hosts classes. 

2021 name necklace trends FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Are name necklaces in style?

Yes! Name accessories have been seen on the covers of fashion magazines, red carpets, runways, stages, and more for decades. Though always in style, the reemergence of 2000s fashion in 2021 has shot name jewelry to the forefront of fashion once again. Some things are timeless in fashion for both men and women, such as dark leather jackets and customized name jewelry. 

Why are name necklaces back in style?

Below are some of the many reasons why customized name necklaces are so popular in 2021:

Trendy name necklaces make a fashion statement. The fashion cycle has spoken, and trends from the 2000s are back. Popular brands in the 2000s and 2021 have embraced name jewelry as a key component of their fashion lines. These are mostly seen through name logo pieces. Baby Phat, Fendi, Chanel, and Versace are only a few of the numerous brands to embrace nameplates. 

Name jewelry can represent wealth and status. In ancient Egypt, people would wear similar gold chain jewelry that symbolized royalty, riches, and being closer to God. If we fast forward to the 1980s and the birth of hip hop, we see this trend emerge primarily as we know it today. Instead of representing old money, flashy nameplates represent new money and the classic American tale of going from rags to riches. 

Name necklaces work well with any outfit. Since there are countless accents, designs, and materials (e.g., rose gold, gold, silver, wood, copper, beads) name plate jewelry can work with virtually any clothing style. 

You can design a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.  People love name printed items because they are theirs and theirs alone. Use your own name or engrave your child's name or initials on a name plate bracelet or necklace. Select your birthstone as an accent on the necklace, or find an accessory that is truly yours by adding your favorite gemstone. Animal lovers can put their pet names on them. The possibilities are endless. 

Celebrities wear them all the time. Famous hip hop artists, athletes, models, actors, and other celebrities are seen everywhere wearing some form of nameplate jewelry. We dare you to turn on the TV and count how many you see!

Personalization is deeply embedded in today's culture. Individualism has grown throughout American culture since the 1980s, and in 2021, it's all about identity. It's self expression at its finest. Whether you're still finding yourself or you've known yourself for quite some time, you can embrace your identity with a name necklace. 

As a gift, name jewelry presents significance and a personal touch. When you don't know what to give someone close to you for a birthday or another special occasion, custom jewelry with someone's name on it is a great idea. 

What is the best name necklace?

The best name necklace will make you proud to be wearing it. There are a ton of styles and designs to match your personality. Here are some ways to customize a piece:

  • Add your birthstone.
  • Put multiple names on the necklace like this Tranquility Gold Tree Of Life Personalized Necklace.
  • Select a unique font style and size.
  • Choose from many materials like wood, copper, gold, rose gold, silver, or beads.
  • Look at different styles of necklace chains as seen here.
  • Pick your favorite gemstone to add as an accent.
  • Select a style from your favorite decade.
  • Go big and flashy or small and minimalist.
  • Incorporate religious or other identity based designs.
  • Pick within a price range that's best for you.

Is it tacky to wear a name necklace?

Though some may think it is tacky to wear a name necklace, the general consensus in the world of music, sports, television, and fashion, is that it's not. 

Is it tacky to wear a homemade name necklace?

No way. In fact, many celebrities like Ariana Grande and Vanessa Hudgens have been sporting the homemade jewelry look in 2021 with funky and mismatched beads. Turn your DIY project into a name necklace, and you'll be right on trend. 

Can you make your own name necklace?

There are many DIY projects devoted to name plate jewelry. Browse YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram for inspiration and tutorials. There are plenty of options. Try this as a classic styled cursive letter necklace. 

Do you have to have a special machine to make your own name necklace?

No, you do not need a special machine to make your own name necklace. Though some machines make jewelry from various materials, there are other options to create your own. Here is a DIY alphabet bracelet tutorial that's great for beginners!

What does a name necklace represent?

Nameplate jewelry is not only about accessorizing. Its many configurations and patterns are deeply rooted in Black and Latin culture. Nameplate jewelry signifies identity in a name, notably as systems of oppression continue to marginalize several communities. A name jewelry piece could mean anything from a coming of age journey to pride within a culture. These items are a statement of existence, survival, and dignity. 

Customized name jewels in 2021 reflect the same sentiment to many individuals. Others see personalized name jewelry as representing the love between partners, love for oneself, self worth, friendship, power, and strength. 

Can you wear multiple name necklaces?

Yes, you can wear multiple name necklaces. Many celebrities have shaped current trends to incorporate multiple chains at once or multiple names displayed on one necklace. In other words, wearing one, two, or even three necklaces is considered on trend in 2021. 

Can I wear a name necklace with someone else's name on it?

Absolutely. Here are some ideas to incorporate names other than your own on nameplates:

Engrave your child's name or initials or honor your pets. Wear your best friend's name or place yours and your parter's name on matching necklaces. Pay tribute to a late friend or family member with their name on a piece of jewelry.

Honor your pets. 

Wear your best friend's name.

Place yours and your partner's name on matching necklaces. 

Pay tribute to a late friend of a family member with their name engraved on a piece of jewelry.

What type of outfits do name necklaces go with?

Arguably one of the best characteristics of custom name jewelry is that you can wear name necklaces with virtually any outfit, no matter what your signature style is. 

How long does it take to have a name necklace made?

This depends on the jeweler and the number of accents you select, but most name necklaces take four to six weeks to complete. 

Can I add accents to my name necklace?

You can add various accents to further customize your jewelry. From diamonds and crystals to birthstones and gems rich in color, there are countless possibilities!

Are there name necklaces made out of solid 14k gold?

Yes, there are name necklaces made from 14k gold. These pieces are 58.3% pure gold and otherwise contain other various metals.

Where can I design my own name necklace?

Online jewelry stores and jewelers have plenty of options to choose from. Messages In Metal is a reliable online shop that is affordable and provides high quality name jewelry pieces. You can also search for artists on Etsy, visit local jewelry stores, or check out craft shows in your area. 

Alternatively, if you're a DIY enthusiast, check out social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube for tutorials. Here is a cursive letter necklace tutorial to check out! Also, local community colleges and universities have classes for people wanting to learn how to make name necklaces and other forms of jewelry.

Should I get my girlfriend a necklace with my name on it?

If you want to get your girlfriend a necklace with your name on it, there are a couple of things to consider first. If you are still unsure after the following questions, then it's probably best to wait until you know it will be a hit. Ask yourself:

How long have you been dating? If the relationship is super new, it's more likely than not too intense of a gift. It could come off as possessive. 

Have you talked about it? If she mentioned she loves the idea, then go for it! 

Have you considered matching couples name necklaces? If you're unsure about getting your girlfriend a necklace with your name on it, another idea would be to get one for yourself as well with her name. This way, she won't feel as though you're trying to claim her as your own in a disrespectful way. Instead, it will be more romantic if both of you have them. 

Have you considered getting initials instead of a full name? This could be a safer bet, leaving only her and those close to her knowing who the initials refer to. 

DISPLAY YOUR individualism with name necklaces INSPIRED BY CELEBRITIES

Name jewelry items are timeless pieces of fashion. They are for the young and the old, for both men and women, and anyone who is proud to be who they are. Trust us when we tell you that there is nothing like wearing a name plate around your neck that symbolizes something or someone close to you!

Are you feeling inspired yet? Remember which style or celebrity made you want your own name necklace. Then, it’s time to start the journey to find your custom piece. Why not right now? Visit MessagesInMetal.com and discover your nameplate.

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