A Complete Guide To Choosing A Name Necklace

A Complete Buyers Guide To Choosing a Name Necklace

If you think about it, our names play a pretty major role in our life.  Whether it’s a name that has been passed down from generation to generation, a decision we agonize over when having children and it’s a defining part of who we are.  Our selection of custom name necklace jewelry was designed to not only let you show the world whom you are but to also capture a part of your personality and personal style.

What is a Name Necklace?

A name necklace is a combination of any name that’s important or special in your life that is beautifully displayed on a necklace. Constructed from high quality sterling silver and available in a variety of finishes, name necklaces are custom created just for you in our home state of Montana.

What are the different types of Name Necklaces?

There are several different styles of name necklaces available. From one piece designs to vertical tag style name necklaces, the creative designs means that you choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Types of name necklaces include:

  • Signature font name necklaces. These name necklaces display the selected name and are connected on each end of the pendant directly to the necklace. Signature font style name necklaces are ideal for those looking for a one-piece design.
  • Bar style name necklaces. These name necklaces have an open rectangular bar with the selected name cut out on the interior of the rectangle and the necklace is attached at each end of the pendant. The design is open and the bar style necklaces are ideal for men or women looking for a design that is one piece and simple in style.
  • Tag style name necklaces. Tag style name necklaces feature a vertical rectangular pendant with the selected name cut out on the interior of the rectangle. The design is open and the pendant has a bail at the top which slides on the included necklace - ideal for those wanting a separate pendant that moves on a necklace.

The Step-by-Step Selection Process

Step 1 - Choose Your Name

This may sound crazy but we go by a lot of different names in our day to day life.  Our given names.  A nickname.  Mom.  Pops.  Choose the name that you most identify with and that you feel best suits whom you are.

Ideas to select the name a name necklace:

  • Your name
  • Your nickname
  • Your favorite word
  • Your child’s name
  • Your spouse or significant other’s name

Step 2 - Choose Your Font

We offer a variety of different fonts because we understand that everyone has different tastes. From simple and understated to sophisticated and extravagant, we’ve got something that will celebrate every name.

If you’re looking for something a little more on the simple side, consider choosing the Confidence font. For those that want something with a little bit more pizzazz, our Dynamic font has a bit of an italicized feel while still remaining classic and elegant.

What do different font styles mean:

  • Confidence font - For a neat and chic look.  Recommended for personal use.
  • Brilliant Font - For the modern generation.  Recommended for tweens, teenagers and those that live life over the top.
  • Dynamic Font - For a feminine approach.  Recommended for women of all ages.
  • Dashing Font - For the woman that has it all together.  Recommended as a gift for friends, sisters, moms and grandmothers.
  • Charming Font - For the sophisticated professional.  Recommended for the college graduate/young professional.

Step 3 - Choose Your Metal

You can choose between a sterling silver name necklace and 24k gold plated over sterling silver name necklace. Our sterling silver name necklaces are made of .925 sterling silver and the silver has anti-tarnish qualities. This adds great luster and durability to the name jewelry.

Metal Options Available:

  • Silver - Perfect for every day wear.
  • Gold - Perfect for gift giving.

Step 4 - What Size Will My Custom Name Necklace Be?

Most personalized name necklaces range from approximately 1-½” wide to ½” tall. This will vary depending on the length of the name and the font selection.

Name necklaces size guide:

  • Less than 1-½” wide - Ideal for those that live active lifestyles or for children.  A smaller width will be more appropriately sized for those with a smaller frame such as a child and a smaller pendant will be less likely to be in the way for those that are highly active.
  • 1-½” wide - Ideal for most adults.  The standard width of 1-½” looks great on every body and is an ideal size for most adults.  It displays the name without being too prominent or larger than life.
  • Greater than 1-½” wide - Ideal for those that like exaggerated or dramatic jewelry.  The larger width creates a name necklace that is dramatic and extravagant, a great gift idea for those that like things over the top.

How to select the right name necklace for the right person and/or for the right occasion

Choosing the right name necklace can be a challenge. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help take the guess work out and guide you to choosing what will work best.

  • Keep it familiar.  Go with what is familiar to you or to them such as the name they go by most often, the ‘name’ in their life that means the most to them.  Their first name, their role such as ‘Mom’ or ‘Nana’ - stick with what you know is familiar to them.
  • Consider their lifestyle.  A busy on the go mom is less likely to wear a larger sized name necklace while a less active grandmother or professional might like something that is a little oversized.  Be certain to consider their day to day activities when choosing a name necklace.
  • Design to their personality.  Name necklaces can be customized to reflect the personality of the recipient.  Straightforward name necklaces are great for the woman who likes to keep it simple or you can add a birthstone to a more ornate name necklace for the woman with a vibrant and colorful personal nature.
  • Create your own!  Because all of our necklaces are manufactured, designed and shipped from one location, we can help you create a name necklace that is completely one of a kind and unique to your ideas.

Give us a call at 1-877-244-9625 or email us at sales@messagesinmetal.com and allow us to help create a name necklace customized by you!

Gifting Ideas and Occasions

  • Wedding Day - A personalized couples name necklace is a beautiful way to give them a symbol of love and devotion.
  • Anniversary - Surprise the one you love with a custom name necklace designed by you for the person you love.
  • Birthday - Create name jewelry that captures their unique personality and what a special person they are!
  • Mother's Day - Every Mom will love a name pendant with her name or the names of her children or even just 'Mom'!
  • Father's Day - Show Dad some love by choosing a bold name with the initials of his children, his name or the name of his spouse.
  • Gift for Grandparents/Godparents - Let them know their role in your life is special too with specially designed name bar pendants just for them!
  • Gift for Friends - From pendants that are two halves of a whole, initial name jewelry and more, let your friends know how much you care.
  • Gift for Girlfriend - Give your girlfriend a gift she'll treasure by choosing a couples name necklace with both your names!
  • Gift for Boyfriend - Let the world know he's taken with a name bar necklace that sports your name, his name or even your initials.
  • Gift for Bridesmaid - Their support means everything and what better way to say 'thank you' than with name necklaces for your bridesmaids!